Say the word womb and fear can arise and vulnerability as this is a sensitive topic and a very private matter. The womb is the cosmos and the place of death and birth and many women are unaware or have trapped tension and trauma in the tissues. 

You deserve to experience ECSTATIC Pleasure and to feel free in your sensual body!

Sadly, there are many teenage girls and women suffering in silence with unhealthy body images and genitalia distortions. Many live in numbness and FREEZE when it comes to topics on sensuality and intimacy.  This topic has been over-sexualised by porn, abused by men and DISTORTED by Society and many still holding onto past trauma. The word 'womb' is still as taboo by many and scares many that have not explored its ancient wisdom. 

The mind-body relationship connects to your inner NATURE and this transfers into intimacy with others. Triggers and old fear programs held bound in the nervous system become stored in the tissues of the Labia and Testes. Many are totally unaware of the tension in their bodies and especially in the pelvic bowl of tissue and what a healthy level of natural arousal is.


A doctor won't know and even gynaecologists do not work with this unique healing approach. They work with the physical and this works with the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. The body tissues TRANSFORM as the light is restored to tissues that are shrivelled or held bound in FEAR. This is WHY Somatic & bodywork healing is required 

I am yet to meet a gynaecologist that guides their patients in 'Yoni Mapping or womb healing'

Zoe, has been called a 'Yoni Whisperer' by many of her female clients. 
She works intuitively and with finds the CORE wound and facilitates healing.

When it comes to sex and intimacy many women live in silence with repressed shame, guilt and self-loathing of their body. Some unaware of their natural radiance and beauty that emerges with this healing transformation.  The body never lies and within each individual there is an opportunity to learn how to TRUST in the messages and allow space for the healing to take place. The most vulnerable and hidden aspects of being a woman, the flowering sacred temple of ancient wisdom.  The 'body armour of reaction and fear' is guided with loving gentleness how to reprogram itself and for a deep relaxation to be experienced, a 'letting go' as such. 


The path of healing is to shift from being held hostage by the past suffering and feel safe  to let go of control and to become present and in-bodied to each sensation. It is vital for each individual to feel heard, seen and safe. Clear boundaries between myself and the individual are established and communication is moment to moment, I in-power each women to own her voice and express her emotions as this requires delicate navigation. The intention of every session is to meet the individual where they are at and the messages of the nervous system where nothing is forced. When the Trauma bodysuit feels safe it will let go and release the tension. My intention is to create a safe space to develop trust, honour moment to moment feedback where integrity and safety is maintained. 


No matter your religion or beliefs this is a spiritual path to knowing thy self and not any form of religion.  I guide the individual on how to release tension to restore light and LOVE within the delicate tissues of her sacred flower and body as a whole. This is much of the work that Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were trained in with the Isis school of magic. 

Men and women have histories of boundaries not being honoured and as a result, trauma is held in the body tissues. This is not about having an orgasm, this is a pathway to deep inner sensual self-healing and to restore innocence. These may be wounds of childhood sexual trauma and abuse towards this divine vessel called a body.  It is a journey of expressing your truth as a Goddess and beginning to have a loving conversation with the Mind-Body.

As your healing spiritual guide, I support and facilitate the process. A path of healing I have transitioned through myself.  A lifetime of numbness, sexual trauma and an inability to say, NO. As you will see there are different options to choose from. I do recommend connecting with me for a 20-30 min Free consultation to see where you are at in your journey and I will recommend what I am picking up from the conversation. 

This is guided bodywork, somatic energy awareness, breath work and expressing through sound.  For many touch has been lost and forgotten where there is physical disconnection and numbness. This can lead to an inability to orgasm, have healthy sexual relationships and access your human rights as a sensual being. It makes me sad how many women push this into the 'unimportant pile' as they don't know who to turn to or who to talk to!

Numbness in Society 

Many are caught up in mechanical devices as vibrators and sex toys which may cause more numbness. Be guided how to access this ancient internal practice to activate way deeper than pelvic floor exercises.  This is a doorway for immediate calm, grounded ness and higher states of consciousness. It can also assist with mental wellness and stability. This can also assist with shifting from depression and anxiety. I support those who feel numb from taking anti-depression and anxiety medication to support a holistic approach in the healing process and a returning to wellbeing. 

Look at the different SESSION options as they can be remote or booked-in person, Sydney.  These sessions are spread out over a few weeks to facilitate this learning to heal from the INSIDE out.  I provide a safe space to allow surrendering, opening and transformational healing. If it doesn't fit then have a conversation and I will design a BESPOKE program for you to support your healing journey.


This is a Path towards EMBODYING more LIGHT and JOY as the sacred waters awaken within the Feminine Rivers. An ocean of Knowledge and inner wisdom. 


This is healing of the SPIRIT BODY and this is sensual & healing in nature. This is something that the wise women of the RED TENT would do to assist initiations and rites of passage into womanhood.  It is time to remember this deep inner wisdom of the feminine, as this is a KEY to healing humanity.  

Trauma and past scars/wounds are blocking healthy connection. 

  • Cultivate a healthier connection with your body- Body & YoniLOVE

  • Heal sexual trauma and emotional blocks

  • Transform the sensitive & vulnerable tissues

  • Activate your Light body to experience Joy

  • Access natural arousal again.

  • Address grief and build trust in yourself

  • Shift self-loathing to Self-Love

  • Express what you want in your intimate relationship

  • Develop self-trust and explore sensation

  • Awaken Your INNER Goddess

  • Raise your vibration the SHAKTI power

  • Elevate consciousness & connection

  • Address FEARS around intimacy

  • Express what you want with courage

  • Reclaim your inner power

  • Dissolve shame, guilt and blame.

“Zoe guides how to access your inner flame within burns brightly and to never dim your sensuality again” 

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🌺 21-day Journey to Pleasure & Joy  A$444 

  • 1:1  of a 2 hour session to EXPLORE your Soul Journey which includes sexual development, traumas, relevant events and create a clear map/ vision of what is blocked in the tissues to Support your Healing & Body transformation.

  • Yoni Mapping - what is manifested in your design - the body shows it all.

  • 21-days - daily practices with guidance. 

  • Weekly check in with me via Text/voice message

  • Your Yoni tissues 🌺 will TRANSFORM over the 21 days!

  • Trauma will release from the tissues

  • Restore feminine glow and innocence and you radiate soft feminine LIGHT.

🌺 Yoni Mapping  A$222/each or A$600 (x3)

In person (Sydney) - 75 minutes

Recommended minimum of 3 sessions (A$600)


  • Yoni mapping - learn about tissues unexplored - 'Evolved Sex education'

  • Receive guidance breathing Heart to Yoni - a tantric path

  • Receive touch - healing, sensual, sacred and safe.

  • Learn how to work with the Magnetic 🧲 Feminine energy

  • Release Tension / blocks in the tissues

  • Women often cry and release old emotions 

  • Be supported through trauma release

  • Learn about boundaries & expressing your voice with confidence.

  • O-r-g-a-s-m is not a focus - healing & glow is!

  • Awareness of the residual tension in the skin

  • Guidance of relaxation and surrendering


Women YOU do NOT have to be in a relationship as this is you touching & healing you.  This is not your partner doing it for YOU. Address the healing so you begin to ATTRACT the man or woman of your DREAMS into your LIFE.

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