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Restoring Light and Ascension to 5D and Beyond

Imagine restoring childlike innocence

and brightness of the vibration of Joy?

 Since childhood, I’ve loved hearing of miracles and was intuitively drawn to the Mystical realms of healing and alternative modalities. Healing my life and TRUSTING intuitive guidance aligned me with my destiny.


Zoe- Anna spent the first half of her life studying, Western health, integrative nutrition, Wellness Coaching & Mentoring, Yogic Therapy & Philosophy, Movement and bodywork and many Quantum energy Star healing.

Each modality of study became a stepping stone to all she embodies today.

Zoe had a lifetime of healing trauma, pain and entrapment of self-destructive 3rd Dimensional programs.  By following her own inner healing journey she began the path to enlightenment and transformation into the 5th dimension.

She intuitively sees and feels where the blocks are and co-creates the space with light-beings so the cells restore radiance and harmony.  Her intention is the purify and cleanse each cell from the inside out by working in the light and infusing ancient wisdom into each sacred transmission.

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Quantum Energy Transformation

  • Address and purify the 3rd Dimension programs of self-destruct and limitation (addictions, shame, fear, codependency)

  • Ascend to the 5th Dimension to access your pure embodied nature & wisdom.

  • Access the 7-star system and connect the 13-stars to access Your Soul Codes.

  • Learn to set boundaries and recognise Toxic relationships that no longer serve You. It is time to be free.


To Book Your Quantum Healing Transformation;

SMS: ‘Quantum Transformation’, and I will step up a direct call with you.

Zoe-Anna: +61 404 123269

Each session is in a safe and calm space and can be in person (Sydney) or Remote. 



I treat each client as a divine being and work intuitively facilitating each healing session for the highest good for all.  Pain often disappears with a re-aligned spine so you no longer experience pain and as a result, feel lighter and clearer. Grief and old stuck energy releases opening up the stargates that are blocked.

I wish for every soul on the planet to experience Quantum healing and inner transformation. Your Spirit is infinite and you came here to shine. 


It is time to remember your inner wisdom that awakens within the cellular DNA, to awaken Your Soul Mission.


There are no co-incidences that you are reading this, you are curious, your soul is guiding you, asking you, challenging you to know more. 

Are you ready to allow the body to heal on deeper in a gentle and non-logical way?


Zoe-Anna opens a doorway into enlightenment and higher dimensions. 

  • Assists healing of grief

  • Assists with Addiction 

  • Assists Youth in Healing 

  • Restore childlike innocence

  • Activates creativity

  • Awaken Soul Codes

  • Upgrade Light codes of Consciousness

  • Collapse old timelines

  • Re-align skeletal structure

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Breath work for Trauma

We all have our own unique expressions and past, and many suffer in silence, and many are carrying around energy that has become blocked in the structure of the bodies tissues. BREATH WORK is an effective way to allow this unconscious tension.

There are different breath work sessions that I offer. There is Shamanic or a Trauma Release breathwork session. The intention to be then continued at home by the one learning the practice.

Each session is in a safe and calm space and can be in person (Sydney) or Remote.



  • Breathwork Session – A$222 / 60 min session

  • Quantum Transformation – CALL/SMS:  +61 404 123269



Zoe-Anna does not diagnose, treat or make claims of curing an individual. Zoe-Anna offers support, guidance and recommendations via consultations and during Quantum Healing Sessions.

This does not replace medical advice and that you should always seek medical advice on any medical complaint. you may be asked to go and have a GP check-up to confirm diagnoses and to rule out exactly what is being presented at the time.

It is the responsibility of the individual to advise Zoe-Anna of relevant PMHx prior to beginning working with her and any medication that they are currently taking.

Who is this Not For?

Those who are not willing to invest in themselves

Those that are looking to be ‘spoon-fed’

Those not willing to make upgraded changes in their life

Those who are happy living as the victim.

Time wasters, I value my time and the souls I work with.

The Path to Healing begins the moment you are willing to ask as

The Universe hears it all beautiful souls.

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