Praise from transformed clients

Here is what souls are saying; 

After working with Zoe, these healing powers work like a treat. I highly recommend this wonderful experience. I had upper back problems for many years and since the session, all my pain has disappeared. 

– Robert, Sydney 

I work in Trauma as a coach and mentor after one of the Shamanic healing sessions with Zoe, my neck that had been locked became pain-free. I had pain for 6 months and was looking to have an MRI, and now my neck is totally pain-free

– Mike, California, USA.


During the healing session, I was in a deep state of relaxation. I felt the energy moving up my body and tingling as areas were worked on. I saw many visuals during the session and even a drive woman whom Zoe identified as one of her guides. The next day was profound, synchronicities, a state of light inner being, feelings of pure joy, bliss and unconditional love. I felt like I was walking on air and may creativity was on fire. I was still feeling the effects 2-days later, a general feeling of calm, well-being, gratitude and happiness. Thank you Zoe for a powerful healing session 

 – Donovan, Canberra


The day after I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off me. I was pain-free in all my joints after having pain every day for the past few months. A feeling of creative energy and generally a sense of joy and high vibes which had not felt for a long time. Then that evening shared a fulfilling intimate evening with my partner. 

– Mulan, Taiwan


The next day I was feeling great, even the days after I was filled with much energy.I think I over dit it working in my garden, over all very energising. I has experienced a previous session where the pain went in my knees and for the first time in a very long time was able to get up and off the floor unassisted. This was freedom 

– Miriam, USA


I was feeling ‘floaty’ in my head but body felt really grounded. After the entity extraction, I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and connection to Zoe. This healing came at exactly the right time when I needed it, love you Zoe. 

– Magenta, Australia


After waking up, I felt a beautiful electric current all over me. I still feel it nowadays after and felt something dissolve in my tummy. Lots of thoughts, images and nothing uncomfortable. I am now less anxious and have slept lots. My heart and soul are overwhelmed by your care and love. Joint extraction with Zoe & Trevor.

– Angela, England. UK


The treasure of a creative spark is not to be underestimated. To find someone who can truly summon it in you is unrivalled in power. As a writer, I am rarely lost for words, but to describe with precision the spirit that surrounds Zoe genuinely confounds me. From her magnetic presence – the first indication one is about to enter a different realm. Each time I’ve experienced a Relational Coaching session I return to my writing inspired, enlightened and clear.

 Writer Sydney- 48


I felt conscious of my body and had always felt that I looked different. Zoe completely made me feel at ease and a journey of moving past the layers of shame and self-loathing. I cried upon the massage table, and for a very long time of numbness, sensations began to return. My Yoni had felt shut down, and so this new relationship with my body began. It is the beginning of a journey of learning to fall I love with me again and let go of what no longer serves me. With home self- practices, I am falling in love with the flower of my yoni and many times have emotional releases as the layers melt away. That is inner freedom. 

School Teacher – 38


I was thinking there was something wrong with my sexual desires. At home, I felt shut down by my wife, and sexually rejected. Being a man’s man, I bottled my feelings and was longing to be heard and I was losing my connection.  The Relational Coaching with my wife has been deeply healing, as now I am able to communicate from my heart space to the woman I love and adore.  This was the catalyst to saving our relationship and as a couple, to reconnect in way where we saw one another.  Zoe cultivates a healing and educational experience.

Lawyer – 46 


The activation within the Shamanic Healing sessions have assisted to release of childhood trauma. I feel free from the inside Out.

International Film Director – 49 


When I work, I require a variety of emotions and moods. Zoe can read my emotions and moods from a distance.  She creates safe space for healing with her presence and understands where my blockages are hiding the source and  nature of my pain.  

Creative Director – Sydney 53


Ms Bell has a power set of meditative practice, vibrational healing and deep knowledge of psyche combined with an artist’s is other-worldly.

Finance CEO, 42


To connect with Self at a deep level has taken my connection to next level.  I am more confident and am opening up deeper possibilities within relating in relationships.  A truly healing experience, mind, body and spirit. Zoe taught me tools to begin to be the Healer of my Life.

Project Manager -43


I felt uncomfortable around many women, even threatened, and yet with Zoe, I felt relaxed and for the first time in my life, was able to express my deepest inner fears. To express my truth with honesty and be met with compassion and feel no threat to our family. Working with Zoe has transformed our lives.

Caregiver for her family – 35


AND many more …..