Your Vagina is Talking - are you listening?

Your vagina stores emotions and tells a story to what is happening on a deeper level.

Your vagina may be talking – are you listening to her messages?

When you feel depressed and lonely your vagina will feel flat, dull and often needy.

When you feel resentful and angry then your vagina becomes inflamed & angry.

When you ooze joy then your vagina will feel light, juicy and magnetic.

An angry woman will create an angry vagina. Think about when you got thrush or cystitis?

Feeling shame from a one-night stand? Hmm, perhaps a flare up of herpes, shame & regret.

Even talking harsh words about another will create sores around your mouth (herpes).

Let’s look into the impact of emotions at a cellular level:

To support these finding I will bring in the brilliant work of Masaru Emoto who claims that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water.

The hidden messages held in water and the crystals that create in pure balance form and those that became dysfunctional and toxic. Emotions channelled in an environment of love, peace, joy, harmony and happiness created pristine and perfectly balanced clear crystal formations. The water environment of channelled anger, hate, jealousy and crystals formed were disfigured and imbalanced within a toxic yellow water environment.

Your emotion are energy in motion. I feel they have a greater impact on the cells more so that what you eat and drink. As what you think, feel and vibrate will be a CONSISTENT resonance. Many are unaware of their true emotions are they are scared to LOOK BENEATH the surface and within the NOISE of their mind.

Your body is 65-80% water depending on your cellular hydration and the ability of your cell’s ability of uptake across the cellular membrane. To break down and the process of elimination requires intra cellular activity of water to maintain homeostasis and assist the removal of waste. The inability for water to not pass across the cellular membrane creates a build-up of toxicity around the cells and extracellular. This is a zoomed-out snapshot perspective as there are many reasons like the amount of potassium and sodium in your blood to support the cellular function.

You are as healthy and old as your cells as health begins at a cellular level. Cells are constantly in breakdown and renewal and even the way we look changes every 7 years.

What I want you to be aware of is this:

Emotions get trapped into the matrix and fabric of the tissues. The tissues become hardened, tense and often contracted. This is where pain can then arise as there is ‘blocked flow’ within the tissues. This is not about faking it till you make it BS, as positive thinking is surface level. This is a process to go into the sensitive tissues and learn ways to release the tension which will bring up the emotions (shame, blame, guilt, self-loathing) and then being able to release them and stay hydrated to support the healing.

Many women are unaware how disconnected they are from their vagina and vulva until they begin to explore this sensitive healing bodywork & Yoni💙 healing.


Living in numbness has become normal and not knowing whom to confide in.

The tissues have become over-sexualised, and sensitivity lost.

Many women stay silent as she has a fear of being judged by her peers, partner and this is sad. You do not have to explore this alone.

Emotions also change the taste of your bodily fluids, yes, your 'joy-juice' (sexual fluids)

De-armouring is a healing process to release trauma and reactivity held bound in the tissues. This is vital for restoring healthy intimate connection, with self and then others. I will share an article on this very soon 🌺 Below gives a brief intro.

Explore here

If you don’t know how you smell or taste of your vagina, then this is something to explore. It is the first step in personal self-responsibility. Go see now and a reminder that when you have more pubic hair your vagina will have more of a primal smell as your natural pheromones will be smelt. The less hair there is, the less of your pheromones are smelt. Many women are told by men that they are ‘dirty’ by not waxing and this is absolute BS. Cleanliness is cleanliness and everyone has a YOUnique smell and it is related to emotions.

If it smells and tastes FUNKY there may be something else going on. I will talking more on vagina topics over the next few weeks.... 🌺

Vaginal Health

Yes, your vaginal discharge will change over your cycle, that is normal. Stop hiding your underwear from others, again this is shame. It is healthy for your vagina to cleanse itself and even crying rather than holding it in is a way to express and release emotions. If you are constantly crying, this may be an imbalance of hormones and a sign of something else going on. It begins by having a conversation.

Perhaps, keep a vagina journey to understand your body more especially if you get bouts of thrush, cystitis, herpes or notice a change in the odour of your discharge. Make note of when you had sex and I will say this, some vaginas are sensitive to some mens sperm. Again, this can all be due to the PH levels. The PH of the vagina is acidic and it is acidic for reasons, so this is why using soaps with a high PH can cause bouts of thrush and skin irritation. On that note of the vagina self cleansing, no internal liquids are requires to wash your vagina. Clean the labial folds as secretions can get trapped and use what works for you. I use a sensitive neutral PH organic wash that I use on my body. The vagina doesn't do well with hot baths or bubble bath makes her too sugary.

Start to talking to your vagina/YONI and ask her what she really needs. Start to tune into her and not just see her as there for sex or an inconvenience when you bleed each month.

Place your hand as if you are holding your entire flesh and place the other hand upon your heart and ask her.... feel her and listen to her.

Send her loving thoughts and explore Mirror work - yes, this is something I guide you in.

Take your Yoni NAKED into nature, sit somewhere you can be undisturbed and allow her to breathe and the sun’s rays and light breeze to caress her flesh. Your vulva are wings and your SOLAR panels to assist healing and it is time to dissolve the shame and guilt so many are holding onto. It is time to RAISE the vibe and magnetic 🧲 pulsations and breathe In LOVE into your Yoni.... so much to share!

For guidance in Yoni Mapping, to understand yourself even more and to restore sensation for healthy arousal connect with me. Have a look at the Yoni healing that can be done in-person and online.

STOP suffering in silence and if you would like to JOIN a private FB group - send me a message and I can send you the link. For women 18 years + a safe place to share everything pleasure, relationships, yoni, healing trauma & life as a wombman.

Zoe x

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