Where Do We Go From Here Humanity?

As I observe the world events I feel I am watching lambs line up for the slaughter and get injected with substances that will change their entire DNA and CUT their connection to their higher self and Soul Blueprint. People I love and I am letting go...

I am having a knowing before events happen, this is known as a prescient warning.

I am contemplating the best way to approach what is out of my control and how I can best support humanity as a healer, friend, daughter, auntie, sister and soul sister.

I had a prescient warning in 2018, saying to my sister that the World would be hit by a massive event in 2020. I described it like tipping a shoe box upside down- everyone getting FLIPPED to WAKE-UP as most are still NOT AWARE. I saw it as a positive event!

A Spiritual awakening! An opportunity for a leap in consciousness and to learn how to PLAY the INFINITE game beyond the Matrix.

Many gained AWARENESS into SEEing where their lives were OUT of BALANCE and to begin the inner work. Most were and are still programmed by the Fear propaganda of the media, It is now April, 2021 and people are posting selfies of getting their jabs like BADGES of fucking honour. WOW, how further from the TRUTH to dishonour sovereignty and be co-creating mass genocide!

Cognitive Dissonance

Watching intelligent people going for their jab like OBEDIENT sheep leaves me shaking my head. They cannot see and feel what I and many of us can. We SEE, feel and KNOW within our entire vibratory field as WE are tapping into the INTUITIVE wisdom of KNOWing and the INTUITIVE Clarity in many ways. The KNOWledge of LIGHT.

The 5 senses that most are aware of keep the individual STUCK at GROUND ZERO. In numbness, codependency, lust, disconnection and DUMBNESS.

In the 'so called pandemic', porn sites had SALE offers as did liquor stores and fast food. All to KEEP the sleep walkers happy in complacency and THUS, further weakening the IMMUNE system and natural ability to THRIVE.

WTF, this INJECTION is NOT the solution.

Common sense has been lost and many spiritual teachings that are getting through GET DILUTED and swallowed up in the smog of IGNORANCE. It is an aspect of the agenda to create DISTRACTION.

Understanding Love

I have grown in the true understanding of unconditional LOVE, compassion and Kindness. I have deep dived into shadow work and diligently exploring until NO STONE is left unturned. Working on me has been my no.1 priority and it has been centre stage in full throttle since 2012.

I've been learning to say less and meet my opinion which is always an ASSHOLE, the chattering , Mon-key on my back. Yes, even you have one and to say I am right and the other is wrong, enquire WHO is talking?

I catch my arrogance and entitlement and SHUT the FUCK UP to HONOUR Free Will and Free Choice and to SEE what it is within the little me that requires addressing to allow the GREATER Me to shine 💎

Even death becomes a choice as a Spirit with Free will...

I will follow my heart to the edges of the earth and LEAP into the UNKNOWN as LOVE is the only TRUTH and it is LIGHT leading the way and the golden thread of DESIRE connected to the higher self. Intuition is the greatest COMPASS there is and FEELING your way in and being DRAWN closer to your DESIRES.

This TOXIC MRNA and DNA altering JAB will cut you off from this GIFT of inner guidance, your higher self and Your SOUL Blueprint. HEART disrupted and evolution of consciousness blocked.

I am looking into the events ahead and how best to SUPPORT the Chaos that will unfold and those that will die over the next 2 years. I really HOPE that I am wrong as my heart is heavy as I write this and the last thing is to evoke more fear.

Connect to REWIRE the Fear with some super simple ways!

To clarify my Mission as a healer;

🌏 To support and hold healing space with loving compassion?

🌏 To be kind and see the other with non-judgment?

🌏 To express what I see and invite raw truth, with permission of course.

🌏 To support SURRENDERING and GRIEVING as Tribe.

🌏 To be a LIGHT in another's Darkness to TRANSMUTE the pain.

In each session I ASK:

💎 Show me what I cannot see so I can be a conduit for source to flow through?

💎 Guide me to where I need to touch.

I follow without any questioning and TRUST my INNER compass of intuitive guidance.

The greatest GIFT of all and as a conduit they HEAL themselves, I simply GUIDE.

💎 Did I do enough, I don't know?

💎 Was I selfish to focus on my own shadows? No, as i had to be 'ready to SERVE.'


I see those I love making the choice of getting the Covid jab.

I meet my sadness and let go some more, everything is CHOICE.

My heart bleeds and I accept there is NO-thing I can change.

I stand for my children and their SOVEREIGNTY.

I will fight for them until my last breath.

I am grateful their dad is on board with a NO.

I live by IN-tuitive guidance and have failed many times.

Suffering and disappointment my teachers in life.

I’ve lost much and gained so much more.

I gained wisdom from the experiences of living a colourful existence.

I SEE suffering as a celebration.

As LIFE is lived in the NOW.

Perhaps, this is all part of a bigger plan?

I trust in balance and HARMONY.

Humanity is being dumbed down!!

Right before our eyes.

Intelligent people getting programmed

And all I can do is LOVE them and let go some more.

I have caught my own opinion and seen my inner asshole of righteousness.

I have travelled the underworld into my own inner hell to find ME.

I have gathered each fragmented piece to UNIFY & make my peace within

My twin is my highest self, why would I SEVER that divine connection?

I am imperfectly perfect and have learnt life the hard way.

I’ve been rejected many times and I will NEVER REJECT my SOUL.

My Soul is sacred


My Soul is sensual and FREE

My Will is my own to own.


I am faced with this question as a healer?

💎 How best do I support those in their grieving process?

💎 How to facilitate healing session when their Soul chord is disconnected?

💎 To remember loving kindness & compassion no matter their choice.

💎 To UNIFY when some may want to separate humanity.

💎 To be fearless and radiate LOVE as it is the ONLY truth.

And I am REMINDED why my life was the way it was. It was all to prepare me to be fearless In-spiration within the darkness and HOPE within the chaos. I have the tools, the inner technology and wisdom gained from walking the path least travelled.

My LIFE is just beginning a LIGHT to GUIDE those asking and willing HOME and LOVE is infinite and unconditional and CHOOSE to play in the QUANTUM Field and am a BRIDGE to guide those READY to NOW leap.

💎 Check out the Quantum healings

💎 Connect to be support and for GUIDANCE.

Send me a DIRECT message on social media as you are never alone. No matter your choices, you are LOVED. This is my intuitive opinion and i'll TRUST it over everything else.

LoveLight & Lightwaves of LOVE,

Zoe-Anna xx

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