This is a Spiritual War- Spiritual Wealth more Key than ever and Your VOICE needed!

This is a Spiritual WAR where Spiritual WEALTH is NOW the SACRED Doorway to Freedom, Empowerment & Harmony

  • Published on August 30, 2020

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Status is onlineZoe-Anna Bell ♡ Relationship Healer ♡S • E • X ♡ SACRED ENERGY X-CHANGE ~ ♡ I Help Women & Men Access Spiritual WEALTH ♡ Sensual Freedom ♡ A Mission to Healing Humanity✨Goddess of KA ✨Amazon Best Selling Author – RAW- a Key to a Woman’s Heart & Soul ♡128 articles

We are within a spiritual war that has been running through our ancestors and our collective DNA for thousands and thousands of years. It is NOW coming to the surface to be assimilated and PURIFIED, let’s just say “Shook the F*ck Up TO WAke-Up & Evolve.”

I dare you to stay with me even if this concept is totally left-field for you! Place your over ANAL-ytical Mind down and open up into the possibility of a different reality, as we are multidimensional beings. It is like having that first toke on the joint, and seeing life from a deeper and new perspective, the Ah Ha moment of CLARITY! Give it a go, step back and put on some rose tinted glasses. If you are looking for me to back this up with facts, then stop reading as your EGO is talking. I will not get into discussion to attempt to convince you, i’ve been doing this since 2012 and it is BORING. Question everything, and then be WILLING to explore beyond what you think you know, and into the ‘I don’t Know.”

I am DONE with having to convince anyone, I will meet you where you are at of you choose to Accept this Mission.

If you are arguing, this is your ego which will F*ck you in the ass and in life. Perhaps, you like playing the VICTIM of obedience and being told what to do. Perhaps, you like the EXCUSES you hide behind.

Collective consciousness is stuck in the programming of the Masculine Consciousness. This seeks Power, control and dominance. Doing everything it can NOT to looking stupid or dumb, whilst playing the masses and laughing behind your back. Which is not stupidity or dumbness, it is simply a state of Not KNOWing. Or being played by the ones playing GOD. The ‘I AM’, all the time keeping their SECRETS hidden away, as when YOU have the power, then no-thing, no-body and no-one can control you. THIS then means, you can no longer feed their agenda.

The ultimate War is within YOU, and FEAR feeds the game to keep you trapped! Some, then choose to take another way out. Yes, it is getting MORE intense, and many will not make it. I will be honest and no BS, as it is time to BE YOUR CHANGE and UNF*CK YOURSELF from the Programs!

What has been hidden by secret societies, the elite and kept SECRET from the masses is NOTHING new. It is much wisdom taken for more power and control from the ones that were taping into this wisdom of the Feminine Consciousness. Many times, SILENCED in those that accessed their inner powers for so long, the burning of the Witches, the feminine flesh being made sinful, her sensual waters of magic made shameful and marriage introduced to OWN her. Porn the ultimate darkness and another distraction.

This can no longer be covered up with LIES!! and the Media.

This is NOT about BIOLOGY, this can be accessed within every man & woman. This is NOT about the men stepping to one side for the Feminine to Rise, this is about ADDRESSING the Wounds within and Rising as One.

This requires Ruthless & Radical Self- Responsibility as Spiritual WEALTH is the Number one priority at this Pivotal time. Welcome to Human Evolution of Re-claiming your Power, guidance into Sacred Sexuality and to be an Embodiment of Light – Zoe-Anna

Consciousness is Evolving – ALL humans make a CHOICE. This may be a hard pill to swallow;

We choose to experience the illusion of separation from Source, to embark upon a path of Soul Remembrance. All pain and suffering are teachers to shift consciousness into pleasure, bliss & infinite possibilities. I am here to GUIDE as many as are READY how to ACCESS their Spiritual WEALTH, and the secret doorway to the scared waters of magic, wisdom and DIRECT connection as Source. The, I AM.

It is vital to remember, we have lived many lives, and for some of us, (it is a DEEP KNOWING) all been in preparation for THIS TIME, in this Collective Quantum Leap in consciousness. It has never been done before, and yes, it is Intense.

Both my grandfathers were high up in these secret society Bloodlines. Both gentle and loving men. I have acted out games as a 4 year old little girl, that is far beyond the imagination of a child’s innocent mind, I feel this was from past lifetimes and working through the programs held in the DNA of the collective consciousness. Past lifetimes, I recall back to Egypt as a Queen, a Goddess of Light, a leader of Warriors at my own sacrifice and my naked flesh fed off my the lustful desires of all the men in the room. In this lifetimes, I have met the one who embalmed me, he was a Healer in this lifetime, and one of my beautiful teachers, another lifetime I had been his lover. We are all interconnected. The Sorcerer, he collected by entrails to be eaten, revealed himself this year, i’ve blocked him and he is still attempting to LOOP back in and get my attention. It is a fascinating game. I have met the man who raped me in Gladiator times, I was a child female warrior (Rare) at 10, had an abortion at 12, and in this lifetimes he has played a role as a spiritual guide, that I love & respect. I died on the battlefield after having every bone in my body shattered. We have both done the inner healing, bringing the shadows into the light with unconditional love. There is more, another time, I will share and it makes sense to WHY I am activated to awaken humanity as a Goddess of Ka, and a guide into the realms of Sacred Sensuality and access to Magic.

Let’s say, all TIMELINES are available for Healing and this is a massive RESET. You will know, as you will be feeling a calling to connect.
FYI; I will smell you out. As I honour this Sacred Temple of Purity.

In this lifetime, I has had every traumatic experience presented, suffering and Pain as my TEACHERS, to HEAL and TRANSFORM into this Wisdom that I am here to pass on.

Much of my Trauma has been my flesh dishonoured, my wild feminine made wrong, the shamming of free sexual choices and another’s inability to control me. Like many silenced, ignored and shamed. I have overcome EVERY initiation which many will be faced with!

We are at tipping point. There is NO more HIDING.
September is a Tornado – I am taking consults for IMMEDIATE access.
Read more & LINK

Men STOP Feeding off the Feminine Wisdom, to seek power, control and dominance. Women, stop playing the game as a man, it is time to BOTH shift into Feminine Consciousness and beyond external control, power and FEAR.

  • Men it is time to be men

  • Women it is time to be women.

Frankly, MOST have no F*cking idea what that looks like. I am your Spiritual, No BS and BadAss GUIDE, I am BALANCED in both the masculine & the feminine.

To the men; it is time to address the Wounded Inner Feminine.

To the women; it is time to address the wounded Inner Masculine.

I am unafraid and shameless, as there was never anything to fear of feel shame for. It was others, that were and still are afraid of the feminine women and the power of humanity. Her wild sensuality and limitless creativity was a threat to men of power. This is WHY the concept of ‘holy matrimony’ marriage was created, by these ‘holy men’ so she could be OWNED, possessed, sold and her Magical Powers and Flesh Fed off. Many of these ‘Holy men’ covering up the Magic and power and dominance over others innocence & flesh that would make you vomit. This Lust is a lower and dark force, it is NOT PURITY.

Many women, still feel SHAMED for being alive. My next article will be on PERIODS, and how this Golden Nectar of Powerful Wisdom has been Hidden. I am here to ILLUMINATE what has been forgotten and be your guide into Remembrance. I shock many, I have ever since I began to walk independently at 8 months old! Even navigated my way up my first mountain at 3 years old, whilst on holiday in Austria. A REMINDER to remember Your Inner Power as a Force of nature!

Over this 90 day intense program & Offering You REMEMBER How To;

  • Master Your Mind – Creativity, imagination & Sacred Sensuality

  • Address the FEARS, the shadows and remember your LIMITLESS Potential.

  • Transmute – Transform – Transcend PAIN/ Trauma/Suffering into YOUR Unique GIFTS of this Human Mission.

  • How to Listen to the Body Wisdom – and remember the Healer of You.

  • Access Spiritual Wisdom – Magician & Alchemist of You.

  • Heal the Polarities and IMBALANCE within and be the LEADER for the highest good for ALL beings.

  • Align with your Higher Soul Purpose to SUPPORT others over this NEXT 10

For the Women – EXPLORE more HERE

For the Men – EXPLORE more HERE.

Then, TAKE ACTION – or Remain the Victim in your Life.

HUMANITY is CALLING OUT! Remember everything is CHOICE!

” We shall return again in 700 years when the laurel turns green.”
– Anaiya Sophia

That was written 699 years ago. And here we are! The year 2021 will be the fulfilment of that prophecy and the purpose of this gathering is to come together, not to learn anything but to remember EVERYTHING.”

LOVELight & LIGHTWaves of LOVE,

Zoe-Anna xxx

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