The 8 reasons why Vedic Meditation will improve your sex life.

Meditation and SEX in the same sentence?

I am sure by now most are aware of the positive impacts of meditation and mindfulness into everyday life. It is being shown to eliminate anxiety, depression while having a positive impact on blood pressure and heart rate. It is becoming the norm, to book time in for you!

From my own journey as well as clients from despair into inner awakening, what has been revealed is magical and I wish for other souls to access this depth of intimacy. A potent connection that many have never entertained and explores limitless levels of arousal, that frankly leaves 50 shades of grey on the book shelf, unopened and gathering dust! Sadly, most couples and souls desire are connection, and many are unable to access un-wavering intimate presence.

Vedic meditation has a definitive edge that other meditation methods cannot match. Well, that’s not entirely true, Transcendental Meditation can… as they are basically the same method yet delivered in a slightly different way. These are the two big methods that take the heat

Here are 8 reasons why this is so powerful.

1. A deeper connection with one another

As both are totally present. Both have the ability to hold one another attention past the noisiness of the left side of the brain. When both practice, then a once hyperactive mind of the left-side of the brain, get to take a back seat and the right-side of the brain, is accessed, which is the creative imaginative of the now. The ability to be present in the now opens a doorway to a more powerful and intimate connection.

2. Healthier sexual function

. Through the practice of meditation, vagal tone is increased. The Vagal nerve is responsible for our inner well-being and plays a key role in managing our mental health. The Vagus nerve is the 10th of the cranial nerves and is the longest nerve in the body. Its major role is the role in the parasympathetic NS, to evoke resting and digestion. Many are stressed and unconsciously living in the ‘fight and flight’ of the sympathetic Nervous system. The Vagal nerve communicates with the hypothalamus to regulate the balancing of energy. The hypothalamus is about the size of an almond and is located just behind the optic chiasm. It connects brain to GI tract, heart and lungs influencing heart rate, breathing and cognition. The higher an individual’s Vagal tone, the greater the ability to have healthy sexual function and arousal. Low vagal tone, can be linked to low libido and sexual dysfunction, arousal.

3. Deeper sensations in the body

As the mind begins to learn how to relax, and more of an inner calm is cultivated from the practice, then once past the bondage of the mind, they are able to access the ‘feeling-state body’. The sensation body is felt most deeply once shifted past the barriers of the mind. In this feeling state, sensations become heightened, breaths intertwine and passions mount into an orgasmic frenzy before they even touch. Juices of arousal become sweeter. The inner vibration of each raises with the practice of Vedic meditation, which impacts all aspects of inner and outer health.

4. Stronger orgasms- easier to let-go!

The twice daily practice of the Vedic meditation will increase neuroplasticity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The left being pre-occupied on the past and future, and the right on the present moment, right now. The longer one has meditated for, then the ability to remain present on the now will increase. This will lead to stronger, more intense arousal and orgasms will happen more freely. Many women get blocked in the mind, and over control with a fear of ‘letting-go” and this impacts the ability to orgasm. Vedic meditation can reverse this. To totally let go and surrender.

5. More energy for sex and connection

More energy between the sheets at night, and the morning! Vedic meditation when practiced twice daily, will increase energy levels, as stress is reduced, and 20 mins is equivalent to 6 hours sleep. The link between the Vagal nerve and the hypothalamus in the brain, that brings the bodies energy into balance. With the mind less busy, more energy and vitality and the ability to become present with one another. Then fireworks happen and passions re-ignited, that were felt at the beginning of a relationship. That is magic to give to couples.

6. Body confidence- the ‘new sexy’

Increases body confidence and the body naturally finds its size and shape. Confidence is the ‘new sexy’, and the features begin to change, into a deeper attraction. As confidence shifts, so does posture, with an ease and grace of their carriage. As you feel good, natural endorphins are released into the blood stream, and improves wellbeing. Hence why, both in a relationship are best to practice this. The lights go on, and the inner vixen and sensual prowess is unleashed, a man loves to witness a woman in this sensual freedom, no longer in her head and totally free in her sensual body. To witness a woman owning her sensuality is mystical and his imagination going wild in awe and is magnetic.

7. Sexual magnetism and attraction increases

Sexual Magnetism increases, attraction seems to increase as the Vedic practices stimulates the pineal gland. This amazing gland is located in the center of the brain, behind and above the pituitary gland, it is also the potent place with the highest level of CSF, it is bathed in this potent substance. It is within the Cerebrospinal fluid that the electro-magnetic charges run up and down the spine. It is a doorway to connect deeply with the universal forces, and the divine consciousness, which feels very intimate. Others begin to make comments on how you look, ask what is different, and there will be a powerful glow that oozes from you.

8. Increases sexual arousal and vibrational charge of body fluids

I believe that there is also a link with the pheromones that are released, as many times I’ve had comments about my essence and no perfume of deodorant was worn. There is a magnetic essence drawing them in, it is felt and sensed in a raw and primal way by both men and women. With daily self-practice this can shift loveless marriages into honeymoon frenzy! This inner state that becomes more harmonious and aligned with our highest vibration and impacts the sexual juices. I am yet to discovered research apart from my own from clients and feedback from others. Sexual juices will shift in sweetness, as some women have little taste and even an emotional state can be tasted in sexual body fluid and once she begins to practice the Vedic meditation, she begins to taste sweeter and distinguished. That the odor remains afterwards, in the most amazing way. The same is also for men. It makes sense, you change the inner vibrational state, and everything changes, and sexual fluids are mostly water. Water has an electrical charge, looks at the work of Masaru Emoto, in his water experiment, and join the dots. He said the Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water, we are 70-80% water.

May this give you an insight to why this is vital and why I am so passionate about this mission. As an intimacy alchemist, and soul stylist there is such a powerful correlation between the mind, body and spirit, so the soul can freely express. It is a gift to guide singles and couples through this transformational practice. As until the analytical- left-brain of the mind is addressed, then deeper levels may never be reached. A next level sensual experience, mind-gasm, Soul-gasm, spirt-gasm, totality of orgasm. An experience that remains etched on the soul, to be experienced.

I am passionate about working alongside clients as they explore deeper depths of living and being. We are energetic beings, sensual in nature, living a human experience. Sadly, sex has been dirtied up, shamed and is traded for surface level power and manipulation!

This is a key to access an intimate world, where a mouthful of food becomes a sensual experience again. This is a key to allow your body to yield and open as nature intended. This is a key to your passion, purpose and experiencing super happiness! This is a key to remember your infinite sensual essence, potent and magnetic. This is a key that may re-fuel your passion in a relationship, or the courage to follow your heart.

This path continues to inspire my soul mission, and hence why boardroom to bedroom is my forte. Life after practicing Vedic meditation for over 7 years, has shifted life into an orgasmic experience. With awareness I am able to tap into the same feelings of an orgasm, hand-free and all with inner awareness!

Give yourself and your partner a gift and take your sensuality to the ‘next level of bliss’.

Check out the Mind Transcendence/ Vedic meditation and together takes your love-making into a new realm of sensational….and sexy! All check out the Soul Sessions, Now that is the ultimate GIFT.

Love & blessings


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