What a successful man desires!

I am different to most women, you will not find me in a group of women, more so within a

group of men. Why? I enjoy the level of conversation and any sign of whining and bitches turns me off. Even from my teenage years, I found male company easy and relaxed. Many times the one on the outside of the group of women.

The feminism movement turned women into men, and disempowered the power of the feminine essence. Would I stand alongside women, acting like men, hell no. I will stand embracing my own inner masculine as well as the inner feminine. Think cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe, they had this power with men. An intoxicating allure of magnetism, that I know women would love to access. Well ladies, before some of you react and repost this article, maybe, just maybe, enquire within, to why it is a trigger?

So many men get shut down the they express their desires, when they open into raw vulnerability they are viewed as weak, and many men are at the hands of toxic emotional taunts from women. This is abuse and no better than horizontal bullying. I have made a decision to stand beside the men, to express some home truths that if they expressed, would mean they get cut down. I see their beauty, their raw vulnerability and understand their deepest desires. You sit on a bus and mention the word, apple and no one blinks an eye. Yet, you mention the word SEX, and eyes of judgement get ready to tear you down.

Society is fuelled by sex. Corporations and clever marketing/advertising milk it, as they know the power of sex, and how sex sells. By the way, you were made via sex. Your head was bathed in sexual fluid whilst in utero, and you would have ingested momma and daddy’s sensual fluids before you were born. So, lets grow us and not real in disgust when we hear the word SEX……

I am on a mission to dissolve the shame around sex and sensuality and the slut-shammers and mummy-blogger slut haters, are feeding the hate. The bigger pink elephant is that they are the ones that are not honouring their own inner masculine, and primal desires. It is the ones that are complaining, that are fuelling the fire and deepening the separation between women and men. This is an epidemic, and will only cause sex to go deeper underground. It is the biggest industry and no one is talking about it.

From being in the presence of succesful men, and loving their company, I’ve had the pleasure to be engulfed and intoxicated into giddiness from a raw man’s primal essence. A man in his presence is potent and powerful. Each environment I’ve gained a deeper insight into their mind, the key to their hearts, and at times feel that I understand men far more than women. They reveal the truth in self, and the inner masculine within, infused with a vulnerability for deeper connection.

I get told by men, you are not like other women, you are different, and easy to relate to! Presence is held, communication fluid, and the highest of honour of the space being held. This is total body-mind-spirit infusion. Intimacy is being lost in society, children are witnessing no affectionate parents, and violence is viewed as acceptable than intimate connection.

The men have been the ones in my corner, as I’ve been shamed by other women, stabbed in the back, gentle reminders to honour this unique soul path. It has been men who have held space as I’ve shed layers, watched in admiration as tears as rivers have released, in wildness and sobbing, yet with no story attached. Observed a woman falling apart, and within a heartbeat jumping up, wiping the dirt from her knees and bouncing back even stronger. Courageous and resilient and it has been men that I have trusted, that never once stabbed her in the back. Thank you.

It has been vital as a woman who dares to be herself, in a world where conformity is the norm to speak up about some home truths. Many women are beginning to approach me to seek advice, council, which is a massive shift from them running in the opposite direction or standing on the side-lines seeing me as the enemy, a threat perhaps.

I am here to walk alongside men and bring the women up to speed, as far too many men are getting burnt by women. This makes my heart bleed, replacing tears with a thousand rainbows. It is time for women to honour, adore and respect the men!

I see many men stepping away from relationships, as they are tired of the mind games, the guessing game, sex being traded for chores, and are not being totally ravished as they deserve. They are not being honoured as a KING, and the nagging numbs his passion, and switches off his raw primal desires. Many bending over backwards to make there partner happy? Treat him as a King and he will honour you as his Queen.

A man never wishes to hear how fat you think you are, to ask do I look good in this, and expect an answer that is not the truth? Many women will draw attention to what they don’t like and before you know it, he will also begin to possibly believe that there is something wrong with what you keep pointing out. Men love curves, the softness of a woman’s skin, he is visual so loves to admire the gift, so create an offering to become part of your shared pleasure, as he un-zips your dress, to reveal the gifts underneath. If grooming is a part of his essence, then he will admire a woman who is equally groomed. A successful man loves a woman who owns her presence with elegance and poise, who can flip between seductress, playful and articulate chef, serving up soul seducing feasts from the bedroom to the kitchen. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, happy in her essence and shines a refreshing openness in her vulnerable raw nakedness. He is seeking a woman who is stable, grounded in her own presence, real and oozes calmness. He desires a woman, who speaks her mind with elegance and truth with loving kindness.

Men are tired of the complaints, the bitching and whining and controlling mind-fuck games. Hence, why men seek outside comfort for pleasure, fun and a lightness of free-flowing conversation. The men of today and the ones that are living and thriving in their fields of passion/purpose, as desiring a woman whom is also thriving in her passions. A woman who is smart, sexy and sassy, that can turn heads when walking into a room, while not having to be attached at the hips. A woman who is magnetic and compassionate to all beings. A woman who can hold high levels of intellectual and also dirty conversations and be able to flip between the two with ease and grace.

A man loves to be honoured, to watch a woman in her element, hair messed up, face contorted in pleasure and being totally in the now. A man loves presence, stillness, lightness and a relief from the stresses of the day. At times to be totally ravished by his masculine essence, as souls collide, and they together bend time.

So, what is happening in society?

The feminine psyche is getting ugly, and beneath the competitiveness, are the veils of manipulation and jealousy. Even the first edition of this post was taken down. I am hazarding a guess, by a prudish woman. Yes, many are prudes, an inner reflection of what they have shamed within and this is a very dark place to be. There is rush to find the perfect man, like he is a possession, and this ugly, get your hands off my man. It is build into the DNA, and the need for procreation and sadly a deeper competitiveness of other women.

I know as I’ve been the one creating toxicity, viewing a sensual woman as a slut whilst on the inside I was squirming in pain. Inner suffering of living in denial, the inner critic making me sick. To understand all places on the playing field of life, one has to experience all views. Many women huddle in groups, complaining about men, and how they are single. Or they have lost the simplicity of the beautiful essence of men.

I love men, I love women, I see souls as energy, and it is I that space that there is a magnetic pulse of attraction or repelling the other way.

A successful man is a man whom is living his passion, thriving in his purpose and this is the KEY to his happiness. A woman is not a key to his happiness, YET she may be the key to his unhappiness. It is his contribution to society & humanity that fills him up, over-flowing in happiness. This happiness he will choose to share it with a woman, those he loves, his family and those he wishes to spend time with.

To witness a man in this space is magical, as it is the juice to my own core. Times are shifting and part of the evolution in relationship is for souls to both have passions and a purpose that is unique to them, this infuses richness and sensual creativity into the union. Both with cups over-flowing, there is no need of lack and this is where the balance is created.

This is part of the co-creating relationship, and a needed shift fro co-dependancy.

Ladies, part of our role is to SUPPORT a man’s passion/purpose, fu3k this is why we can multi-task, we can do both! The more we thrive in our own field of passions/purpose, then that overflows into his, and men need our PRESENCE, SOFTNESS, soothing voice, raw sensuality, stillness, lightness and comfort to switch out, and drop deeper into a place where time stands still. Be present with him, gaze deep into his eyes, the window of his soul, touch his heart and unleash your roar. Be here now, with no expectation, no complaints, see his magnificent beauty, his strong masculine essence. Drink in his kisses, as oxygen to your soul, explore his mouth with your tongue that only speaks words of love.

t is time to adore, respect and honour him, even when he is late getting home, he is fuelling his passions and the key to his happiness. Imagine each time you see one another, it is for the first time, remember that presence, totally in the NOW! He is bringing home that happiness to share!

Watch your tongue if slipping into complaints, it will be a habit that doesn’t switch off over-night!! Sit with the words before you speak a toxic verse, if they taste off in your mouth, then step away in private and spit them out. Stop drawing attention to stuff and fu3king own it like a lady boss. Own your shit, and for fu3k sake, step away to fill up your own cup.

Your mouth is a sacred place of sensual pleasure, so be wise of the words you choose, and speak.

Many men are getting emotional abuse in the family home, the side-line remarks of bitterness. Believe me, i’ve too experienced this from women. The under the breath mumbling of stuff, and a passive aggressive tone. When a man walks away he gets called heartless, for many they cannot win! The way we treat one another is s reflection of the inner world, and it is not about stroking one another ego’s with an array of emoji’s and a love you within every sentence. Words have depth when used with love, and not thrown into the same sentence as the bitter remarks.

This goes for all souls, both men and women.

Let me know your thoughts, feedback of all levels and flavours is what brings the colours into life. This is my humble and unapologetic opinion. If this disgusts you then keep on walking past, do not complain and remove a post that may speak to the depths that a soul may be ready to hear. Jealousy is ugly and will only hurt you.

Infinite love and here is to stirring your happiness,


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