Primal Instinct Beyond Prey?

I am about to open up a can of worms and the ultimate shit-storm that most humans are unaware of. I don’t care if you like me or disagree with me, as your REALity will be your own maker. Until, you are ready and willing to be the change and that requires being willing to be teachable. I am a Badass Coach that is willing to express what many are still chocking on, the life lessons were my wisest teachers and suffering, pain and adversity are the greatest teachers of all…..

Have you become conditioned and programmed to be the Hunted?

We have a society of whinging and complaining cunts! Real talk and no hiding here. I speak from personal experience to mastering the Victim game of masks. Right here, right now, who are you still blaming in your past for life not being what you want it to be? The abusive relationship, the sexual assault, the broken heart, the bankruptcy and the divorce!

How many times have you railed at the world wishing your life to be different and yet, you have this big bag of shit (your past story) that you carry around with You? This I can assist you with, the question is are you READY to SEE that you have to be the change. You are the Victim as this is the MAGNETIC message that your body-suit is amplifying into the World. This will attract more victims to hide behind and this further reinforces the illusion you existing in.

Be willing to be honest, as many are their own biggest bullshit artists and especially their families. They are scared of being seen, as the inner critic runs the show inside.

The Enemy is in the last place you will ever look!”

The Tribe/Group Mentality of the Herd.

You will find the complainers and the victims gathering in groups and this is the representation of 1st and 2nd Dimension of Consciousness. The need for Tribe, a sense of belonging, a feeling of safety in numbers. This is the Far left wingers, always fighting for a CAUSE and playing into the hands of what they cannot see beyond their awareness. There will be some leaders in here that THRIVE off the attention and seek the external validation from the HERD mentality. The majority rarely think for self, they watch some media and they are ACTIVATED into shouting about it and yet not fully knowing the reason for it. These individuals are highly influenced by others, and live in a World of Blame, shame & guilt.. They are easy to control as most are brainwashed into thinking their reality of limitation is the only reality available.

Yes, I have created space and called it Tribe, I found this challenging and have to RETHINK the name. It is a vital purpose as in the early phases of inner healing, a safe space is important so the nervous system can learn to TRUST again. This is the support that I provide until, you leave the group and walk alone. AS a Leader on your own Soul Path.

This is also very similar to those in 3rd Dimension of Evolving Consciousness.

This is where most in Corporate are. They have begun to see that they need to be the change and are AWARE of the PRISON and PRISM they have created for themselves. They begin to step back and have an opportunity to begin to SEE the games playing out in their life. They may be playing the Hunter to feel powerful with less aware souls and YET in the PRISM (BOX of Labels, programs and social conditioning) they are still the HUNTED.

Many stuck in jobs that they hate and unable to see a way out of the box of limitation & social conditioning. Zoe-Anna

Already, I’ve take you down a rabbit hole to see a bigger picture. In these lower dimensional frequencies of awareness PRIMAL INSTINCT is switched off. These individuals (this may be You) are controlled by the Reptilian Survival program, and have been manipulated over time to CONDITION a RESPONSE.

It is my PURE INTENTION to guide a way to “Re-Wild the Human & Re-Programme the body-suit of conditioned and often unconscious responses to the environment. Yes, I am activating the primal within and into the Super-Human you came here to be.”

This has fucked up Raw and Wild Intimacy where connection is very present. Why, as in that moment, that may be the final moment before DEATH, fee into that passion and the thirst for LIFE. It is amazing what FEAR can be used for when YOU have been SHOWN HOW TO play the game and NOT get played. Primal Desires of the natural hunter and PREDATOR within us is dead, and primal INSTINCT numbed out by the food, pharma and media influence. The GREATEST enemy of YOU is YOU. They are ALL playing a role.

Thriving in 5D Consciousness

Everything in MODERATION.

This is the realm of Transparency and consciousness has shifted massively since Feb, 2019. The VEIL is thinner and hence WHY more are waking up. This is where there is ZERO hiding – and this is the Quantum LEAP, in saying this, OOPS, I have missed 4-D.

4-D Consciousness is the ‘SPIRAL EFFECT”, think of it like a washing machine where you only know what is up of down and flung into confusion and this is where you may feel INSANE. This is a vital aspect in evolution and see the roles you have played and can gradually begin to implement smarter choices. This is why having regular daily practices of meditation, breath work, body-work and connecting in nature are vital. Have a look around the website and SEE what RESONATES.

The Truth is your own Nervous System that is shaping your REALity of your life!

The Light- The dark – it is all perspectives of the ONE. The path is the navigate the separation within and Master the Game!


Before make that choice, are ready to embrace it all and take Responsibility for everything thing you do, think, speak and act upon?

It is the Masculine energy within each of us, that is the hunter. The predator and yet, this has been made wrong and has been mis-interpreted. As when a Hunter understands how they are connected to everything, they are the protector as much as the hunted. It is the healthy banter we have lost, the playfulness to push the edges! It is instinct to protect the young, the weaker and the sick. It is the Feminine energy that is the CHAOS, the wild and limitless potentiality of CREATIVITY, and this makes you dangerous.

As a Woman with a fierce femme and masculine roar, I have a King and Queen that sits at my table and if another cannot sit and meet me there, then there is no in-between. They became ONE. I feel complete and I walk alone as this too has been a vital aspect of INITIATION.

Even the Victim masks are vital to transcend, no levels of consciousness are better than the other as each holds the messages to find the back door in each, to keep evolving into the NEXT playing field where the INTENSITY will increase. Where you become the Hunted until you LEARN to ADAPT to the higher consciousness and levelled up game.

FEAR can be there to RISE beyond and even the Reptilian Program can very easily and effortlessly be DISENGAGED from the DNA within each cell of your mind-body matrix. I GUIDE you with different practices that then you get to IMPLEMENT them as it becomes your own medicine.

You can stay bound by fear or you can learn how to UPGRADE the body-suit of your Super Human and to begin to TRUST INSTINCT and SENSATIONS over a false and fake persona, of the sheep dressed in wolves clothes.

I am a Wolf. If I am hungry, I satisfy my desires, food and sensual. I am shameless and I am primal in nature. We are all MONK-eys learning how to be human. I protect what I love and let go of what is taking up way too much real estate in my sacred and infinite heart.

I am came here to LOVE & Guide others back to SELF.

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