Femininity is Not a Curse…

It was only back in the 70’s that a woman did not have her own bank account in her name she had to have an credit card with her husbands name. It was not that long ago that women were viewed as dependent on men and her destiny was that of the wife and then mother as this was the law of the creator. It really is not that long ago and it is vital to state this as consciousness shifts from masculine to feminine.

Your liberation is to the remember your sovereignty and awaken the light within YOU….

There is a feminine Rising and consciousness is evolving to align to be more in balance with NATURE, the Lunar tides and Mother Gaia. My intention is to assist the rigid human and begin a process of healing to restore INNOCENCE. Women and her monthly cycle are a vital aspect to rebalancing humanity and restoring balance.

Birth control poison, the scrapping of cells from proving smears, the religious torture and her menstrual blood used for black magic rituals, and no matter how much she has been pillaged, dammed NONE of this can remove her POWER.

Birth control was created for the wrong GENDER! Men can impregnate 9 women everyday for 9 months that is 2430 pregnancies compared to 1 pregnancy for a woman.

SCIENCE is making pills and devices for the WRONG gender.

Our planet has been pillaged, fed off and used for POWER and global DOMINATION. Society has become over sensitive and much is being swept under the carpet, to stay silent as many structures that has controlled and dominated global affairs is crumbling. This is a great awakening as there has been a WAR against the WOMB for thousands of years!

The liberation of sex further fed off her sacred powers and has led to her body being misused and taking away her natural rhythms to align with nature. It is a woman’s right to control HER OWN cycles, orgasmic ability and choosing when she wishes to get pregnant. This war on the womb is impacted the globe from men, women and children. As I scribe I collect my own life-force to honour my free flow and to use in self-honouring rituals for replenishing the skin of my face, balancing my body and the Divine Wisdom of this Sacred power and aligning with the rhythm of nature. I stopped birth control in my early 20’s and learnt my cycles, 13 bleeds per year and ovulating on day 13… this is natural rhythm and my moon aligns with the New Moon.

The feminine essence and wisdom have been misused, fed off all for Power and access to higher dimensions, the feminine often dammed, shamed and often she was burnt at the stake, being called a WITCH!

Yet, her wisdom and the magic and understanding of the mystics sourced to gain more access to the unknown and for gaining more POWER over others!

Everything is all playing out right now and the chaos of change is magical. This begins with the journey to knowing thy self and the courage to take the pilgrimage within the darkness of Your own shadows.

  • The WOMB is a place of darkness and a giver of light.

  • The WOMB is SACRED, warm and rich with LIFE, the womb is a portal to higher dimensions.

  • The womb is s direct cosmic mother. She is the giver of all life.

  • The womb is the Holy Grail.

  • A doorway between worlds and a realm beyond worlds.

Men have a spiritual womb the centre of their HARA, and a way to access their vital life force. Men hold trauma in their bodies created from the wounding of their INNER FEMININE and programming through development. This is a central axis point to be guided how to work with FLOW Mastery of energy. Men cry and bleed when they hurt and it’s vital for men to see that the menstrual cycle is not a dirty event and being to honour the women in their lives. By shaming, they are shamming that vulnerable aspect within, and damaging PURE magnetism.

There are short commitment (21 days) to work 1:1 with me and be guided in this Womb Healing of SELF for men and women – READ MORE here. This is Your SACRED POWER.

It is time for women to be guided in this sacred work and pass this onto their daughters and granddaughters, sisters and mothers. Yes, this would be the work shared in the RED TENT. A sacred space created for women at their moon time, guiding girls into womanhood and facilitating the celebration of the Feminine Wisdom. There was a REASON this was for women and rarely for men, that is unless they had passed tests to not misuse this power.

This feminine wisdom has been misused in occult rituals all to SOURCE power and the sacredness of this life-force disrespected. Like anything, with light there is dark, with life there is death, and everything has the potentiality to be misused. Zoe-Anna

This deep inner work begins with addressing the phases of development and healing the layers of shame, guilt, rage and suppressed anger.

GAIA put out the call and these CODES are within each of You. I am here to GUIDE You how to activate and unlock a pathway to access the Fountain of Life, the golden flow of nectar and a path to Bliss consciousness.

Women stop allowing this vessel to be fed off. Men stop allowing your seed to be fed off.

It is time for men to hold space for Women as she accesses higher states, as when he does she will open up a realm beyond the consciousness mind and SHE needs HIM as together they RISE.

A Divine Union within SELF, and then bringing this into Sacred conscious relating. This is a aspect of the 90-day IMMERSION Womb space. (READ MORE)

This Inner healing is vital to shift into the New Earth and access the garden of EDEN. This is a PORTAL to access higher states of consciousness and is the LEAP beyond the previous personal development programs. It is time to Quantum Leap.

How many times have you heard this voice of judgment in your head, spoken it out loud or under your breath?

  • STOP using your hormones as an excuse.

  • You are in a man’s world so will have to function like a man.

  • Buckle up and bite your lip.

  • Don’t expect the company to support your womanly needs if you want to be respected then you need to tow the line.

  • Stop showing your emotions at work

  • You want to be paid like a man that you need to show up as a man.

  • You have to STRIVE for success, to GET to the TOP.

  • If you don’t fight for it, a YOUNGER woman will replace You.

  • It must be the time of your month

  • Are you on your rags?

  • You are sounding wild and chaotic do you have your period darling?

  • Have you taken your medication?

This is Sexual discrimination in the workplace and family home.

Your Femininity is a gift NOT a curse. Your Womb is Your Sacred Power!

I am feeling as a woman that most cannot handle the word SEX, and it is best to use gender. It is a word that turns many men into silly little boys, and they are still getting away with it in the boy’s club. It is done with and next time you are wolf whisteled it is time to make a stand and say;

‘Go fu*k yourself, and grow up’

Be confident to stand in your power and stop catch the BS.

Stop being so polite and STOP referring to women as pretty, hey beautiful and hey sexy. START using our name and when You speak to women don’t speak to her chest otherwise she may have to look directly at your dick and LAUGH!!

Society has been way too easily offended and hiding behind the masks! Do you get offended if YOU see a woman with period blood on her dress in public. WEAR You with HONOUR and STOP this shaming of something so natural and beautiful.

How have you judged other women when they are opening up into their heart space? Have you fed off your female friends for their wisdom to then share as your own thoughts, all to gain attention or to look more powerful? Have you taken content and not acknowledged the resonance of words of the author? Where are YOU feeding off the feminine essence? Get honest, I have done this, had it done and it is damaging to the sisterhood and brotherhood.

Your femininity is creative, she is your wild imagination, she is your dark depths of chaos and limitless potential of power. She cannot be controlled as she is infinite and this scares most. As this is infinite power with ZERO desire to control anything, it does not need to…. as this is the FREE SPIRIT.

Sadly, even this phrase ‘Free Spirit’ is a code word used by sicko pedos that do bad and vomitus stuff to children, For shit sake, ice creams and everything sweet MISUSED for hiding the DISTORTIONS in this masculine consciousness all for feeding off the innocent to gain for POWER. It is right in your face and still many say NOTHING.

Is it now time to access this wisdom and begin your journey of inner self-healing as much of this requires releasing the stuck trauma in your tissues and all from the safety of your own home and my guidance.

It is time for MEN to make a stand alongside women that are STANDING up for Human rights and to HEAL humanity. There are MANY GREAT men and many are silent incase they loose their following (power) and influence (power and control). No more, step up and be seen as your voices are needed.

This is NOT SEXUAL this is wise wisdom gained though my own inner healing and unlocking feminine wisdom from within. It is a doorway to beginning to Know thy self and heal from the INSIDE OUT and never feel powerless again!

Be the Healer and Teacher in Your Life, I am here to be Your MIRROR, guide and Mentor.

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