Trusting and Leaping into the Unknown

Welcome to a theme of 2019, trusting and leaping into the unknown!

“The Unknown is the new sexy black dress”

It is the dark and mysterious sexy, drawing you closer towards your destiny, of YOU. It is time to take that leap of faith and do it anyway. So, many sit on the fence in procrastination, which is another way of castrating your soul.

You are either getting excited and salivating at the mouth, or you are feeling nervous as hell. Get excited, as all emotions are welcome and this is the theme of expansion.

Nothing in life happens to you, it is brought to you to accelerate your growth as a soul, and often what challenges us the most is our greatest stepping stone towards our destiny.

Personally, I am done with the MUNDANE, the same-same, and hearing the next big thing, packaged up in a different disguise. No one holds the power outside of self, it is for you to discover deep within.

As a soul that gets excited about leaping into the unknown, it is my mission to inspire you to explore what you don’t know and I will leave you with this;

“See how easily you can shift fear of the unknown into excitement, and imagine you are about to one a gift, like on Christmas Day!” it’s all perception baby!

You don’t know what you don’t know, and truly, Universe, the Angels and God truly have your back. You don’t know what awaits, and you can either stay sitting on the fence, or take that leap of faith, into the unknown.

As a Relationship and Mind coach, I can show those ready a way, and this becomes your own power-jet back, all for the expansion of you!

Leaping in full FAITH and TRUST.

Zoe x

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