(C)Literature – the raw truth

Many see the clittoris as this shinny pearl that is often hidden under a roll of vulval tissue, and many getting stuck on the head of the clitoris. There is a wealth of erogenous tissue that is beneath the surface, this erectile tissue wraps around the vagina and extends out towards the thighs. This wealth of (C)literature has a massive 8,000 nerves! I will explain how the clitoris is how many people LIVE life…….READ on….

Many are over stimulating the head and shaft of the clitoris, totally unaware of the deeper tissues beneath the surface. The use of mechanical devises is creating MORE NUMBNESS and chasing the ORGASM rather than exploring the experience of arousal and raising consciousness. – Zoe-Anna

This has been my personal journey of self-discovery from healing layers of trauma, shame, guilt and self-loathing of my body. Not to mention living much of my life in numbness, disconnection and disassociation. It is the inspiration of my memoir and a trilogy to GUIDE the reader into their own inner healing. This trilogy will be released, Dec 2020.


The clitoris is like an iceberg, says Alli Sebastian Wolf. Wolf an Australian artist that created a 100:1 scale model of the real thing, covered in sequinned ‘nerves’, so that it lights up the room ‘like a divine disco ball’, says Wolf. Abstract take from The Irish Times, Jan 23,2017.

Picture credits go to IG: allisebastianwolf for the #glitoris, and Amanda Palmer in the picture, Sydney Opera house.

Many chase the Orgasm!

Chasing the next win, the next business deal and missing the sacredness within the PRESENT moment. Many still stuck in their past and thus repeating the same relationship, as the inner state has not been ACCESSED.

NOW, I have TOUCHED a few extra nerves that perhaps YOU never knew existed, the clitoris is a great way to describe LIFE. Many are chasing empty and short lived pleasures showing their shinny aspects to the world and yet beneath the surface they are running from their shadows.

Society has become desensitised and numb, thus missing the ecstatic bliss of life. Sex has become mindless, empty and all to FEED DESIRES, wants and needs. Connection has been replaced with convenience and the often chasing SEX, the ORGASM and the next HIGH!

This is a lack based energy exchange, using another to feel good!! The industries of need, want and chasing SUCCESS.

Online dating and porn is on the increase which FUELS the numbness and the getting stuck at surface level of the iceberg. It is based on surface level BS, it is empty and SUPERFICIAL, much like the ‘quick and boring orgasm.’ There is ZERO substance and deep and meaningful connection is being LOST. It is time for SENSUALITY and HEALTHY AROUSAL to evolve, it begins with YOU.

  • Are You living in numbness?

  • Are you suffocating in FEAR?

  • Has your relationship become BORING?

  • Do you feel there is MORE to LIFE, and wondering HOW to access it?

  • Are You a Healer or Leader ready to explore that next EDGE?

To ACCESS this requires being COURAGEOUS and getting out of YOUR OWN WAY. Many successful men and women will be curious and sadly, for many their arrogance gets in the way. I see you, I feel you and my DOOR is OPEN.

To explore the SHADOWS of what you don’t want others to know or see about You. The sad part is, it is these deep and hidden aspects that are the most JUICY, sparkly and magical bits of the REAL YOU!!

It is the PATH of Soul Remembrance where life with activation and healing becomes a Cosmic Orgasm of Bliss. A doorway to evolving sensuality and relationships beyond empty SEX.

Yes, your OWN inner Glitoris Golden Nectar of BLISS, for men and women.

The ‘Holy Grail’, the Secret realms of life-force and can only be tasted by exploring beneath the surface of the ‘I know.’ To be guided into a Spiritual Journey to knowing thy self: Self-realisation and self-actualisation. This is a key to assisting to Heal HUMANITY. To be willing to EXPLORE the ‘I don’t know.’ To be guided by a Soul that dances in the shadows and gives you a life-raft and SUPPORT to navigate these CHANGES.

This is the Soul work explored within the Potent Feminine and Masculine BLUEPRINTS. These 90-day online offerings can be VIEWED here.

There is NOTHING like this program! The NEXT Sacred Womb Space 20.10.20 for USA and 21.10.20 for NZ and AUS. Take ACTION as what is is INTENSE NOW will continue to intensify. A separate group for men and women, within an INTIMATE and BOUTIQUE style group (MAX 4/group)

To deliver high-quality with high attention for ALL.

I don’t care how much personal development you have done, as this will explore levels beyond what you have learnt before. This is for LEADERS ready to be the SHIFT of Evolving Consciousness and a celebration of Your you-nique Soul Essence.

Send me a message NOW via social media links.

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STOP waiting – Take a LEAP of FAITH and be the change.

Life is ecstatic and it is no-one else’s JOB to make you feel a certain way, it is your role to know thy self and then have the courage to express it!

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