A Life Raft Amongst the Chaos

The MIND is the CAUSE,

The what happens (event) the EFFECT.

The HEART sets the sails of SOUL, so the FREE SPIRIT leads the way.

To shift what happens You have to address the cause, which is You. The moment to moment thoughts, response, reactions that are happening whether you are aware of them or not. This is a process of discipline and REWIRING of the mind to bring the heart-mind into alchemy and symphony.

To TRULY access the Heart one must navigate the rigid and often programmed mind of the False Self, known as the EGO. The heart is the most powerful RESONANCE and yet cannot be accessed until these first three energy centers are transcended and pattens brought into the light. Think of the lower energy centers as the stages of consciousness. The 1-D consciousness ‘SURVIVAL’, 2-D ‘CODEPENDENCY and 3-D POWER and CONTROL. These are the distortions playing out in society. Yes, many are still living in survival mode and when fear is a theme you are easy to control and program!

All these are FEAR based and all to SEEK control and to protect giving up the game. The game that is keeping them TRAPPED in suffering and standing in the way of truly beginning to KNOW the TRUE Self.

This is a path to BE FREE and begin to access the limitless Quantum field, the I AM and beyond the I AM…..

I am just being ME as an infinite being.

Meditation is a powerful tool. It is a “life-raft’ amongst the external and internal chaos. It is the KEY to shift beyond the SECURITY officers of the individual, your greatest enemy and your greatest ALLY. For most of humanity they are living within these THREE energy centres and these are the programs playing out.

  • Power and Dominance

  • Codependency

  • Survival

To READ this may cause a reaction of I don’t do that, I never am that and to REJECT it all. What you reject you feed and what you ignore gets louder. You don’t know what you have yet to EXPLORE.

What you think others are doing to you, you are doing to them. For example, you think others are stealing from you then life is showing you a game you are also playing and being played by!

This path takes COURAGE and self-discipline. To shift beyond waiting to be saved, rescued or perhaps you find yourself surrounded by others that are struggling. Hmmm, until you access your own life-raft then NOTHING will shift and you will remain like a balloon in the wind of others emotions.

Welcome to the ENTITY that thinks and responds to what happens in the external world and its life is determined by those around it. The entity that has a name is doing everything it can to get from A to B no matter the COST. The entity that thinks that life has delt an unfair card and the WHY me story. The entity thinks who it is, is the story. The entity is attached to all that happened and to shift beyond will feel like death. The entity lives in shame, blame, guilt and unworthiness.

The entity through awareness begins to realise that it has a personaility and many different colourings to that personaility, this is known as sub-personalities. The individual begins to see the opinions of rightness and has a string attachments to those around them. This often shows up in codependent relationships and partnerships and even extends to the family.

There is a DEATH experience as each aspects are released and I am here to GUIDE as a mirror as souls shift in the process of evolving consciousness towards DIVINITY.

This is a path of AWARENESS I guide You through and this specific meditation is their life-raft to explore the SHADOW WORK when you feel flipped inside out. I am still observing and revealing sub-personalities as forever a student of self.

The intention of meditation is not to silence or control the mind. This a distortion as having this intention will cause even more RESISTANCE. This is where I can also assist with Inner child healing. The path of meditation is to shift through states of awareness. Meditation is NOT the practice, it is the state of awareness and to access Bliss state consciousness.

The meditation practice is learning how to focus and concentrate using a mantra (psychic SOUND that creates inner resonance) and allows a RESTING of the mind. A process to shift beyond labels and the colourfings of objects and to access a deep state of relaxation. To shift beyond senstations and DISTRACTIONS of the mind and body and to have experiences of transcendence and Soul remembrance.

This does not happen over night and Yet, students I have taught feel a shift immediately. As my resonance shifts it is felt within the teaching. It is how the recipe is delivered and the divine essence within the process.

The greatest CHAOS in your life is the self-destruction patterens and the wiring of the rigid human in self-protect mode and competition. The blocks of stubbornness, arrogance, rightness and the NEED to PROTECT.

Welcome to the identity, to who You think you are…..which is not who you are….

You are the CREATOR of it all and most are in self-destruct mode of repeat.

You are a monkey with a monkey on your back and until You begin to see this You will remain controlled and programmed by the Matrix.

Connect to access the most powerful inner-net of all and to unplug from the AI that is running your life!

I am often asked;

How do you leap into the unknown Zoe-Anna without having to know?

I rewired the mind-body to shift from the finite game to playing the infiite game of ME. This practice is my jet pack and inner guidance system. Those that EXPLORE the 90-day program with me get to learn this practice before the deep dive and IMMERSE into this transformational work. This can also be learnt separately. Here are the LINKS to explore: Rewire the Mind 90 day immersion

This SAVED my life, it is the cause of writing 6 books, awakening my confidence to speak and overcome my fear of public speaking to now living my Soul purpose. Yes, leap into the unknown when others sat on the fence watching.

I want You those READY and willing to learn have this.

Love and blessings,


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