Dancing Women




For Women Who Want to Activate Magnetic 🌺 Feminine Power & Un-tether her Soul to Align with her Mission of the New earth


Finally, You Can be Unapologetic in Sensual Expression and Own Who You Are in the boardroom and the bedroom and unleash your SASSY Badass.


Zoe-Anna, author of six bestselling books; Raw – a Key to a Woman’s Heart and The Adventures of Pinky Fairway  is a woman who coined unapologetic sensual embodiment. So where did it all begin to create the stage to be whom I am, and to let go of all the stories within the path of the suffering.

At 12, I began to see that my genitalia was more swollen than my friends and this began a long journey of self-loathing, body dysmorphia and comparison with other girls my age.


'Why am I do different and what is WRONG with me?'

Like many I suffered the loss of a parent at a young age.  My Dad left when I was six and I felt abandoned my the man I adored. Abandonment became my CORE Wound and I often felt unheard, unseen and when I did speak no one really got me. I felt different most of my life.


The self-hate, anger and rage joined three destructive lovers called I'm not worthy, you're not good enough or pretty enough. I felt ugly and by body was fully developed by the age of 10 years old.


In life I become the ‘people pleaser and pleasure seeker’ where I learnt through a path of survival to use my sexuality to manipulate others.  I was longing to feel loved. I explored sensuality with both girls and boys from a young age.  I became the attentive lover and never speaking up for my needs as my greatest fears were abandonment and rejection.


I gave pleasure YET was unable to RECEIVE pleasure. I felt more comfortable with the lights off. I was scared of letting go, sacred of being seen or judged for the way I looked in my most vulnerable and sensitive aspects of the feminine. 


I didn’t know how to say no as I didn't know how to own my sovereignty.  I lived like an imposter in my body and under the skin was rage, anger and pain. At 17-years old, my virginity was stolen and I ended up paying to get raped, watch the video 'Raw Me.'


No, began to mean nothing as when I said it, it was ignored. I didn’t feel worthy to OWN IT. I entered codependent and abusive relationships I desperately wanted to feel loved, adored and held by the masculine. A badass exterior developed as an armour of games of self-protect as I became a master manipulator in all my relationships.  I have worn many masks of the victim as it was what I knew.  I got attention from sharing my story of rape, my smashed up face from the men beating me up as I thought it was my identity. I was lost, confused and crying out for help and yet I would reject others. 


No one could reach me, not even my loving family as I didn’t feel worthy of LOVE and my mental stability was fragile.

I thought by being sexual that I was embracing my free sexual expression yet, I was over-sexualised, numb and lost in my own skin. For most of my life apologising for existing as a social mess. 


In my marriage, my body got commented on in front of others and this made my skin crawl. After two years I stopped speaking up and I had lost myself again. I was numb, sexually switched off and going about the motions of a mother with two young children. My inner child was raw and screaming out in the darkness and red wine became my numbing agent of choice.


As I was ignoring my intuition my Yoni switched off and natural arousal ceased.  Yoni, is a term for the entire sensitive and sacred tissues of a woman's genitalia. I ended up having an affair and for the first time I felt free and untethered in my essence.  It was a rebellion as it was on the same day my Dad had passed away, 5 years earlier. It was the day I stopped apologising for being me and put down the guillotine of guilt. I left it all and embarked upon the journey, to knowing myself and taking responsibility for my life and my children's lives.


I have done much healing, asked for forgiveness and learnt to forgive myself as I was a coward and took the easy option of cheating. It was the day I began to take responsibility for my life. We have a great relationship and co-parent our beautiful children.

In the video I say the word, Pussy. This may offend some as the way they have heard this and the association with sexual trauma. As you will hear I have gone through the sexual trauma and embrace a word that is MY embodiment to use in my IN-powerment. I have come to the realisation that most are not at this stage and this is why I will use the term Yoni, Vagina, Vulva, Clitoris and Flowering Temple. 


It is TIME to own your feminine Sensuality as the TRIGGERS as you will see, are your teachers. 

AWAKEN & ROAR to IN-body the S.H.E Wisdom.


Feeling the HEAT and the excitement? Or have you become aware of your NUMBNESS?


The Unapologetic YOU, whom you were as a 5-year-old is jumping up and down. A girl who followed what brought her ‘JOY’ and followed her BLISS. Yes, before you began to follow the guidelines of OBEDIENCE, social conformity, perhaps sexual trauma and schooling.


Yes, unleash the WILD, curious and adventurous YOU.

It is time to Re-Wild the Tethered adult and return to innocence.



AWAKEN the sacred wisdom within your Flowering Temple & Portal of magic.

AWAKEN unapologetic and the sensually explorative SASSY you.

AWAKEN your inner sage wisdom to your Soul Calling

AWAKEN the Dancer and the Goddess of the Sacred Temple.

AWAKEN the SHAKTI that is sensual and HEALING.

AWAKEN your voice to OWN your NO, to know your FUCK yes!

AWAKEN Body Confidence and a life of limitless possibilities.



ROAR your inner lioness that has toned herself down to fit in!

ROAR your inner rage that beneath its intensity is your fiery passion

ROAR with your Sisters as Tribe and connect your Yoni to your Throat.

ROAR unapologetic orgasms and learn how to manifest like a MOFO

ROAR your deepest desire into the YOUniverse and create the life of your dreams.

ROAR the uncut, RAW and deliciously fabulous YOU and OWN YOUR MAGNETIC 🌺 POWER!

NOW... is the Purrrrfect TIME.

S.H.E RISES INcludes.

S  - Sensual - Sexual - Sensitive - Sassy 

H  - Healing - Happiness- Health - High Vibe

E -  Energy - Embodiment - Emergence - Ecstatic living

The S.H.E energy is magnetic in nature and an elixir of SUPER healing powers. It is vital to awaken what has been shamed, made wrong and been hidden. This is KEY to pass onto your daughters as this is a path of rising together and to be guides of these rites of passage of becoming an IN-bodied WOMAN.


You are a gift and your sacred inner HARMONY is a key to restoring PEACE - LOVE and HARMONY within the New Earth.  Even if you have had your womb removed your Spiritual womb remains. 🌸

Have you lost your lioness voice to express exactly what you desire in intimacy and staying silent and dismissing your inner knowing? 

Do you feel that your needs and requests for YOU time are placed in the 'not so important pile?


Are you wondering why you are attracting the same 'kind of guy' that is emotionally UNAVAILABLE? 

I did not come here to play small of waste precious time!!



I did not have these vast experiences of running the gauntlet to do nothing with them or stay silent.  My greatest fear is not living my fullest and GREATEST Life and this wisdom not being shared. My greatest challenge has been COMMUNICATION and finding a way to deliver something sacred, sensitive and transformational to the masses. 


I have had stones thrown at me, been shammed and shunned by society. I have had to adapt my approach many times and refine my vocabulary to get this message out there. 

My core wound the teacher to stay the course on this aligned path to love and accept self, even when others may not understand me. This Soul mission is greater than me, it is 'a way to guide' many women how to heal themselves and be free in their magnetic feminine essence.  


I found every way how not to have the relationship which gave the insight into how to cultivate a healthy relationship with self and others. 


For a long time I gave my sacred essence away to men that did not SEE the TRUE me; They would feel uplifted afterwards, clearer in their consciousness by being activated by my essence and afterwards I felt drained and left to clear up the energy. Like us all my heart was searching for LOVE and I had to find it within myself.

I was being shown how SACRED the sensual energy is and that DISCERNMENT is required. This powerful force of nature comes high level of integrity and with that great responsibility.


Everyone is your teacher in your journey. 

Your body – your voice – your Flower & your GODDESS choice!



I see all these magical experiences of learning how to understand the healing power and the divine essence that women are as SOVEREIGN beings.


I had to learn to OWN my no!

I had to learn to heal my YONI

I had to learn how to activate the inner power.

I had to HEAL the past trauma from my body.

I had to let go of shame, guilt and blame.

I had to learn how to unblock my throat and express my true VOICE.

I had to be FEARLESS to walk away from public judgment.


Rejection after rejection and refining the deepest limiting beliefs:

‘What is wrong with me and why does he always leave me!’


I stand in this essence that I have to be energetically speaking, get nudged SIDEWAYS by a man that is interesting in getting to know my mind, my heart before even thinking of going South! There has to be a magnetic connection and curiosity to knowing one another. 


I am empowered to say, I explored celibacy for the 11-months and channeling the energy into this CREATIVE content, so no wonder it is super juicy. This is NOT about SUPPRESSION or REPRESSION, it is all about FREE will and choice. 


I feel it all and in this RAW life I found myself piece by piece to reclaim my innocence and the fearless and shameless 3-year-old self and to KNOW I am LOVEABLE.



A potent formula for your business and personal SUCCESS.


I learnt to not give a shit how other’s see me as I realised it was me that was judging myself and they were trying to work me out. Good luck with that, it has taken a lifetime to know me and even in this there is some defence playing out. Again, rejection and abandonment arises. 

Rejection and abandonment

'Why is no one hearing the message and why are women running the other way? 

For years I have alienated and scared women away. I honour the sensitivity and privacy of this topic and how many are trapped in reaction and numbness. I want every young and older woman on the planet to access what is within this program. 


I know how it feels to be the black sheep of the family and not fit into what you see. In saying this, I love my beautiful family unconditionally and they are SUPER PROUD of who I am. 



As a leader of self, I am here to orchestrate a ‘Shock wave’ a catalyst so many more awaken and begin to heal themselves. This is a KEY to access your magnetic inner power and to restore harmony on planet LOVE.


I had to heal myself, rewire my mind – heal and love my body and my yoni, as if my life depended on it….


‘A path of initiation’ to now facilitate a healing and transformational environment for the global woman.


This journey of Soul Remembrance awakened the S.H.E forces of nature and to be a catalyst for change within the New earth and WE are RISING.



Like most of you I lived most of my life totally unaware I was in Fight and Freeze mode.  It was my inner warrior ‘child-gladiator’ that saved my life. Her bravery and courage to keep getting up even when I had burnt all the bridges and totally fucked my life and relationships with others. Freeze was not living, it was existing in a state of numbness and disassociation from LIFE.


I am a woman that accessed her INNER SACRED power and healing gifts from a lifetime of suffering, trauma and rejection.


This colourful shit-show and amazing life is where I have FAILED Big. I have eaten the dirt of the earth many times and each time refining my medicine so that I can give YOU a POTENT Formula that takes the years of struggling in the dark out.


I want you to access this womb & embodied wisdom without the years of suffering, inner struggle and to support you in the most important journey of all, HEALING you. 


I was afraid of the INNER SHE POWER and with my professional, personal and tender guidance neither do you have to be afraid. It is TIME to ROAR and RISE as we walk one another home.


This is adult learning, meaning the portal of womb and embodied life wisdom in how to be unapologetic is both self-directed and with the support of TRIBE.


I have created a pathway with my SECRET Formula, digestible, relatable and easy to follow. A daily integration to reap the rewards and access the Golden Nectar of bliss and to ACTIVATE your GREATEST You.

I Ran a set program for 3 years with huge success and I decided to COLLAPSE IT. 

Women were needing a more specific and BESPOKE EXPERIENCE. 

I found a way to SERVE the individual as this TRANSFORMATIONAL work is NOT a 'Cookie cutter' approach. The RESULTS speak for themselves and this is done 1:1 with me. 


I want others to access what I have and to walk along side you as your GUIDE and Sister. It is my intention to show up at 100% and hold nothing back as this authentic openness is reciprocated and your confidence and boldness grows. I have a ZERO BS attitude as life is too short to waste any more time. 

GRAB YOUR FREE GIFT BELOW - my open 💜 musings  below...

My intention is to create a safe womb space for personal transformation, to challenge, facilitate and nurture this sacred work. As we co-create intimate soul sister connections and evoke embodied sage wisdom. 

 SHE is grace and SHE came here to RISE.


To activate magnetic 🌺inner power may take days, weeks and even by the end of the 3-months your entire magnetic allure will have SHIFTED. It can be described like looking for furniture in a barren room at first, as these deep energy points are asleep.  Combined with the mind-body practices within a few weeks, the room begins to fill with furniture. If that makes sense. You begin to sense your embodiment and this is the beginning of awakening the fire and sacred waters within you. 


Each practice assists the next activation in the body to open and the greatest thing to remember is to relax and take the pressure off. The mind and the body talk to one another. For me personally, it became a daily practice of all you will get to learn and then one day it became a psychic activation, where now after years, all I do is about it and my 🌺is activated and I can direct the sexual energy into the higher centres of consciousness to DIRECT into my purpose, healing power and creative expression.


This is NOT KEGEL, let me be very clear.



🔥Being fearless and clear in all lines of communication with those around you.

🔥Making self-love a priority - BOOST confidence.

🔥Attracting the man of your dreams that treats you as a QUEEN.

🔥Be unapologetic and honour what your SOUL is calling to you. 

🔥Getting excited about saying NO, and getting clear with your Yes.


🔥Getting clearer on what you like and not settling as you ‘should’ be grateful


🔥Accessing your VIXEN and call yourself out shamelessly when you mess up.


🔥Stop feeling threatened & see women as allies, not enemies.


🔥Feel shameless around your sexual appetite and communicate NO with confidence.


🔥Expressing your truth with loving kindness without finger-pointing by making the other wrong.


🔥Being comfortable to open up conversations around intimacy and connection.


As well as the above for 27-years I practiced and studied health, healing and emotional wellbeing.


I began as a R.N then following my passions I become a coach in the following: Functional movement, ageless mobility, yoga, pranayama, relationships, meditation, releasing trauma and integrative holistic nutrition. A Reiki Master, Quantum energy healer, Yoni & womb Spiritual guide/healer, presenter and Mum to two amazing boys, both growing into confident young men.


I integrate new insights, healing with awareness into my life everyday. My life journey shaped my professional career and path of choices to be here as I AM. I am my life by DESIGN and if I can shift my life, anyone can with a BLUEPRINT / Map and this inner compass.  All foundational bases for TRANSFORMATION are covered, Mind-Body-Spirit.

I teach, so other's have life-long tools to implement each and everyday!

You ROARING Fire is your inner power and you came here to RISE as the director, architect, magician, wizard, healer, white witch and alchemist of your own REALITY.

‘The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make it whatever you wish’ 

Terence Mckenna

NOW, for the Benefits

🔥 Lean into relationship with self and others in a sacred space

🔥 Healthy body image + self love everyday

🔥  Womb wisdom + Spiritual Healing 

🔥 Awaken your 💎Yoni + Express your RAW Truth

🔥 Manifest and create your life by design and be supported by the universe.


🔥  Support in GRIEVING as tribe and letting go.

🔥 Access doorways to higher states of consciousness

🔥 Body-beautiful with self-care rituals


🔥 The wisdom of Orgasms + ancient practices of sensuality

🔥 Unleash the inner WILD and ROAR essence of you.

🔥 13-Key principles to Vibrant and unapologetic LIVING

🔥 Ignite your PURPOSE upon the New Earth + Share your gifts


🔥 Create community - SHINE your light for harmony in your life. .


Purple - Blue Gradient

It is time to remember who you are.

It is time to rise up and be

the change for your children and your inner child guiding you home. 

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Candy Cotton

Your shadows reveal your gift to express


Here are some things expressed by professional women I have had the pleasure of working with.

SUPER Happy clients. 



'I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Zoe.

I was so nervous going into the experience as I knew I had some deep seated traumas to address. But I know as soon as I was in the sessions with Zoe that I was in safe hands. I truly felt her love and pure intentions which allowed me to feel safe doing such intimate deep work. The powerful energy that comes through her was able to bring up what needed to be faced in order to be released from my body. No two sessions are the same with Zoe, she has no formula, she truly follows the divine guidance that comes through, and it is always perfect and exactly what is needed.
Thank you so much Zoe from my heart and my womb for being a beautiful soul on my healing journey.'

Emma Mitchell, Sydney, Australia 


'Zoe understood me when others saw me as the ‘misfit, trouble maker’. We explored ways to relax and how to observe my emotions and sensual energy without making it wrong. This built confidence and learn how to direct the excess energy in my body. She got me, where others judged and had given up on me. My inner critic was running the show of my dramatic life.'


Maddy Jones, Wisconsin, USA.


'I can't I can't speak more highly of Zoe-Anna. She came into my life at exactly a time when I needed support. Like some divine intervention, her guidance with the meditation was exactly what I needed. She has a very deep energy that will nurture you and carry you above and beyond the sessions. Working with her is the best gift of self-love.'


Krista Mollion, San Francisco, CA

'It was like a light-bulb went on in my womb.  The numbness was my normal for so many years. Zoe is like the 'pussy whisperer', she talks to the body with light language and guided me to explore the numbness. I don't how it works, but my body now responds and I have more sensation during sex with my partner. I cried old tears that I didn't know where there and I felt lighter after working together.'


Veronica Mayer, Adelaide, AUS


'The teachings and practices revealed an exciting world of possibility and activated my yoni and I felt seen in a tribe of other women. My relationship with my husband went through the roof and we had to invest in a new bed. I had felt shame around my free sensual expression and working with Zoe, I began to embrace my Wild and Connect to my creative expressions, Dance and Art.'

Dina Fortune, Albany, NY, US


'I had been following and engaging with Zoe on her posts for several months. I decided to jump on a discovery call with her and signed up her 90-day mentoring program. I knew I was ready to dig deeper. Zoe's authenticity, rawness and ability to be fully present with me and others in the group was amazing. Zoe's program gave me the structure that had been lacking in my life. Huge shifts happened for me in doing the daily meditation, yoga,, grieving work and inner child healing. 

Alicia Smith, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

'Zoe-Anna is simply incredible. As a person, a healer, a guide, and an expert. I worked with Zoe-Anna on meditation and inner healing and she brought awareness to new heights, helping me to be a better, calmer version of myself. I felt safe, heard, and understood whilst learning how to ground myself and become whole. She is reliable, diligent, determined and a straight shooter who lives and breathes what she teaches. I admire her very much and highly recommend her program.'

Annie Leib, Philadelphia, US

Candy Cotton

Silence & Listening is one of my super powers, a gift to share in holding space.

Reading To Your Dog
Smiling Women

A 90-day VIP Experience - As I ONLY work with the VIP Woman 


💎Work with me over 6 x 1:1 personal mentoring/ healing sessions of 75 mins. A deep dive, no bs and no hiding sessions. 

💎Receive personal videos tailored to what you need in between sessions

💎 Holding space with PRESENCE is how I show up so You learn how to heal, activate and remember the magnetic woman you are. 

Time to allocate for 'self-directed learning and soul nourishment' a minimum of 2-hours a week.


I invite you to ask what is your intention for exploring this calling? 

This comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  If you aren’t fully satisfied with the results I will reimburse 100% of your initial investment without any questions asked.

Sign up to my NEWSLETTER and let's connect. 


MESSAGE me DIRET +61 404 123269 

TAKE ACTION for your life and JOIN your Tribe as WE are RISING.

Red and Orange Gradient


It is time to remember who you are.

Stop making EXCUSES and RISE up for YOU 

before it is too late.

Is your HEART or HEAD speaking for YOU?

Calling out the PINK Elephants in the room!


This sounds like it is all about the 🌺 Vagina? 

By understanding how to tap into this invisible power within you get to discovers the key to happiness, abundance, success, harmony, ecstatic bliss and vibrant health. There is a SACREDNESS that has been misused, fed off and abused and it is time to be guided how to AWAKEN this inner Sage Wisdom. There is much being blocked by trauma and SHAME.  This is a doorway to access your VOICE and natural confidence. 

I don't like change? 


Well, the reality is, change is the ONLY thing that is CONSTANT. Learn how to work with and be the master 

of these energies and you will create the LIFE you wish to live and a LIFE LIVED FREE and unapologetic on our own terms. You are in good hands as change became my saving GRACE.  Staying small is no longer an option, if not NOW, then when?

I've done tons of personal development over the years


I am excited for you then as you will be coming in with a wealth of your own wisdom to share in the TRIBE of women. Life has been a playground of learning and this is a PATH to access HIGHER states of consciousness and EVOLVE and smash the ceiling of lIMITATION.  This is a space like no other, a place where you can be raw and real and you will have transformations that you have never experienced before. There will be times that you are triggered and this is a KEY to inner grow and your own magnificent RISING.  I get excited when limiting beliefs POP up and to REFINE getting in the way of ourselves.


You are here to THRIVE in your YOUnique essence and you have a MISSION to activate and your magnetic pussy power is related to how you show up and to SAY it as you mean it. 


What if you what to do this and your partner says, no.

Really? Are you taking another's NO and REJECTING what your heart is calling you to give ATTENTION? When are you going to begin stepping up for you and stop placing yourself last? This is a sure way to be telling yourself, that everyone matters more than your inner joy and happiness. 


At what cost, value, investment do you place on your happiness, direction (purpose) in life and to bring more LOVE into the world and to ACCESS an inner power within that is a key to your energy, vitality and JOY. 


This is YOUR LIFE and a Key to AWAKENING a deeper intimate connection with self, and everyone partner wishes for HER to shine in her unapologetic radiance. 'Self-love is a key to all relationships.'

How much time do I have to commit to this, as I am already really busy?

Let me ask you how much you value your happiness and your relationship with YOU?

It is amazing when we really want to do something, we make time. The most successful in life and the ones that are most busy. The ancient practices learned and the connection with other global women is powerful and is LIMITLESS. 

I would recommend allocating a couple of hours a week minimum. FB Lives will be recorded on Zoom and when you feel into this MAGNETIC essence 'YOU make it happen!'


I have a high sex drive, I don't think this is for me.

How do you gauge 'high sex-drive?'

A high sex drive can often reveal some hidden blocks within the chakras (star system). This creates a need for feeding off others through sex and this is seen in codependent relationships and sex addictions. This means the vital life-force energy cannot shift beyond the pelvis and this is where much of the inner healing takes place and learning how to RAISE this S.H.E and into your CREATIVE expression and PURPOSE. 

I'd rather buy a pair of shoes.

Do both, who says you can't have it all. Get those HOT and sexy shoes and be SHAMELESS. Often the desire to feel good through shopping is FILLING an emptiness within. I can spend the money on a new pair of shoes, a family holiday or a new car? YOU get to CHOOSE you. 

To spend money on personal development that sings, 'MAGNETIC 🌺 POWER' from the root tops is way way beyond the old personal development industry where much is based on rigid and sexist RULES. 

If YOU don't take action and buy you will be in the same boat a year from now.

And you will none the wiser how to UNLOCK your magnetic 🌸power and still be frustrated and upset and wondering how to access your inner power and still be making excuses and getting walked all over!

This has a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!  If you aren’t fully satisfied with the results I will reimburse 100% of your initial investment without any questions asked. You DESERVE to feel ecstatic joy and live

on your own terms. You deserve to MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT all that you desire in your personal and professional life. You deserve to let go of the heavy bag of the 'old you' that has become dull, lifeless and heavy.

You deserve to be honoured as a Queen and unleash Your ROARING Magnetism and never be afraid of your inner badass.  To be heard, seen in your unapologetic essence and never TONE YOU down again. 

It is time to Take this LEAP and activate your Potent edge!

Red and Orange Gradient