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Access the LIGHT in Your Life!

Imagine the Possibility of  Transcendence!

  • The word meditation is widespread and mainstream and you are an electromagnetic BEING. 

  • The KEY of meditation is to BRING the mind and heart into HARMONY. 

  • You cannot ACCESS the Sacred HEART until you shift out of the left brain....or overthinking & control.

  • This ACCESSING the RIGHT Brain ... think creative Wizard, Invention, Expansion & Divine INFLUENCE. 

For the brain to rewire practice requires repetition, Yes, there is a method to the madness. Find one practice and then be consistent with it and follow a recipe that works. This is mantra based and let me be CLEAR it is not about unconscious repetition like a robot, the focus is upon diligent concentration & focus. 

This is super easy to learn and even the most distracted and dysfunctional person will instantly feel an inner shift. An experience of inner calm, restfulness and with daily discipline, CLARITY.  Yes, I said discipline and there is a REASON that this begins to BIO-HACK irrational thinking, re-set destructive thought patterns and strengthen your Will.

This means you are less distracted and more likely to create what YOU WANT and stay focused on Your DREAM and vision. Many women find it challenging to be sexually aroused as they are trapped in the over-thinking left brain hemisphere. Getting TURNED on has to begin in the mind so the mind gets out the way and the BRIDGE is built between the brain hemispheres..... this sacred bridge to open into the CREATIVE and MAGNETIC limitless mind of the Right-brain hemisphere. 

Welcome to Vedic meditation which is another name for Transcendental Meditation. I am not associated with the TM foundation, just to be crystal clear and these teachings of Maharishi is what I deliver and respect with the highest level of discretion. I respect its INFLUENCE and the IMPACT it has for healing HU-manity.  

To access more LIGHT, which is another word for KNOWLEDGE requires You being the CHANGE.  This is a twice-daily perhaps NEW habit that is a NON-negotiable meeting with Self.

Depending upon which offering at the bottom of the page you choose, each will come with a powerful software program that I wire into your nervous system, your BRAIN. It is based on what You can afford and also where You are at in your healing journey. This is an INVESTMENT as it is a GOLDEN KEY back to YOU!

I AM making this available to more as I AM here to SERVE with these gifts to access SILENCE & BLISS. 

What I LOVE about this teaching is it assist a process of learning how to break free of attachment which is FREEDOM when you feel trapped in the past story, past trauma and the bag of shit you carry around with You!


Listen to Your INSTINCT and if this is nudging You then take this Leap and begin to feel lighter and more connected, like You did as a young child, with improved imagination.

As the Nervous system upgrades in strength so does resilience and adaptation to stress IMPROVES. Thus, a greater SURGE of energy and light within the container, which we call the mind-body.  Everything is related and the mind-body cannot be separated and this is a practice that is supported and backed by SCIENCE.

These INNER CHANGES impact health, wealth, VITALITY, creativity and the REVEAL of a Souls YOUnique Passion and Purpose. If You are struggling with feeling overwhelmed or you have control issues, dominance over others or in a codependent relationship, then this is IDEAL for You.  

The intention and focus of meditation is never to control thoughts, it teaches the meditator to allow the thoughts to come and go without getting caught up in the thoughts. This form of meditation LEAPS straight into a state of relaxation, then meditation and for some, after many many years of mastery, Samadhi. These are all states of AWARENESS, also known as Consciousness.

The practice is more the ability to focus and concentrated the mind of a Mantra, to allow the rest of the mind to rest and drop into a state of TRANSCENDENCE.

A mantra is a psychic sound that creates a RESONANCE within the mind-body. Think of it like dropping a pebble into a pond and the ripple effect in the water. This is the effect upon the cells of the individual. The mantra will be specific to whom I teach and it is MORE the RESONANCE and the WAY I teach it, that creates the strong foundations for the Student and each student is impacted by the resonance of the teacher.

During the practice of 20 minutes, the resting phase of the mind, resets and restores the nervous system at a deep level and is equivalent to 6- hours sleep. If you are looking for that edge, and the crème de la crème of stillness, then this is for you!

Are YOU READY to make this COMMITMENT? 

REWIRE the following with this practice:

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fear of speaking, sexual arousal dysfunction and addictions. It is a Confidence game changer. 

Invest in a Golden Key back to You!

There is an option to learn the beginners or the beginners and advanced meditation, neither require any prior meditation experience – on the consult I can tell what your nervous system is ready for and will often suggest a steady and gradual approach. I meet the client where you are at as I value this Practice with the sacred purity and innocence of a newborn baby. 


Both are taught over 3 x 60 minute sessions with a 30 min session a few weeks after integration. I have made the prices affordable as this is a Golden KEY back to You and a path to higher States of consciousness.


Click BELOW to BOOK in for a 20 min CONSULT call: 

Or SEND a DIRECT SMS ‘Enquiring about meditation’: +61 404 123269


What can you expect?

INSTANT calm and PEACE after the first session,  with increased CREATIVITY in your life. You can expect relationships to improve, be less caught up in drama and find letting go of what no longer serves you. Conflict resolution with ease.


You begin choosing habits that feel good and bring no harm to self or others, from the expanded awareness. Sleep improves at night, falling asleep more easily, and waking up when your body is ready, without an alarm clock. You can expect to feel more creative with imagination on fire, with the ability to retain more information and learning becomes easier.

Who is this for?

Everyone with STRESS at work, home-life and is looking for a solution.

Anyone that struggles with Anxiety & Depression.

Greater productivity, CLARITY and focus?

Those lost and looking for direction.

Everyone who wants more CONFIDENCE.

Everyone on their SPIRITUAL PATH.


Looking to RADICALLY CHANGE their life to be HAPPIER?

Ready to have Magnetism in the BOARDROOM and BEDROOM?

Who is this not for?

Those who are not willing to invest in themselves
Those that think they know everything!

Those not willing to do the daily practice.

Those not willing to be teachable
Those that don’t want to change

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Ready to unleash your raw power?

From being down on my knees in the garden screaming up at the universe “ Is this fu3king it”, the teacher was brought to me. My life was rapidly becoming my worst nightmare; I was the rough-cut diamond that everyone has had enough of. The lies, the BS, the manipulation, the chain of pain was my survival and the victim, I was a master at playing ‘the poor me!’

When the student is asking, the teacher will appear and likewise when the teacher is

ready the willing student will appear

 This is the key to awakening a passionate gift, of scribing erotic poetry. With three published books on Amazon, within the first year, 2017.

This style of meditation gave me my life back and healed the inner child that was still in pain, and to reconnect with her and never abandon her again after 38 years of being lost and not knowing how to find her. This fuelled the courage to walk alone, even when women would talk behind my back and it is the reason why I am here doing what I do and the cornerstone of my brand, ‘Zoe-Anna’.

I believe anyone can change and rewire the thinking, with the firm and loving guidance. To experience aloneness, one has to experience the levels of the mind. I have the intention to create a ripple effect and teach everyone how to fish,(meditate), so they no longer need me. To create a snowballing effect by uplifting and inspiring and rewiring our thinking so that we can each ‘break-free’ of the mental labels that are given to our sanity and keep us trapped within a box and conforming with a society that wishes to control and sadly disempower.

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