I have a philosophy of inspiring transformation, exposing the unseen, teaching the unfelt, and leaving you with an experience of love and connection you will always remember. 

Hi, I am Zoe-Anna, which translates to a Life of Grace. I AM an Earth Angle here to GUIDE others through their own Inner HELL to assist Healing Humanity.

Each experience be it trauma, pain and suffering is there to assist your journey to heal and transform into your gifts & wisdom.  A path of Soul Remembrance towards enlightenment as a Sovereign Being.

A 'Yoni whisperer and Womb Healer' for women and a gift for guiding those ready into the darkness of Source. 


Are you wearing an emotional mask to protect what is raw and vulnerable? These masks have served a purpose and have become a pattern of survival. Are you suffocating in your skin and wondering how to BE FREE?


Then it is time to AWAKEN - STIR - HEAL & THRIVE as the divine ROARING feminine woman that you are.  Each scar is an undiscovered beauty ready to BLOSSOM. 


You can suffocate in FEAR and or be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS to explore what is deeper within. I guide and support so YOU HEAL You.


There are no accidents or coincidences that you are here in this time as WE magnetise one another and you are here for a bigger purpose. We are Soul Family here to IGNITE the passion that is hiding within. 


With a professional and personal background in healing trauma, women's sexual health and restoring healthy balance within the mind-body and spirit. 

🌸 Are you ready to explore the Relationship with you and nourish what is blocking the view of your highest expression?

🌸 Are you looking to purify and release your past story and reclaim your innocence?


🌸 The inner child is the golden child and a key to opening the heart and a path to connect to the sacred rivers and roaring fires known as, Love, Wisdom and Inner Power.

🌸 Let us rejoice and celebrate the Feminine Rising and the soul journey of the HEART to meet in a place called Heaven on Earth. To live in harmony with nature intended and the New Eden and the Land of Milk and Honey. This sacred place is within each of you, beyond your biology. It is time to honour Self-love 💕


'I will be real, raw and relatable with you. My intention is to create a safe womb container so you begin to gain the answers and insights you are ready to have revealed.  No woman wants to be told what to do or how to do it.'

HEAL Your Own Life and Access Your natural inner essence of JOY and higher states of sensual Bliss.

Welcome to a safe space of learning to know thy Self and be met with unconditional Love.   I am forever the STUDENT of SELF.  Life is never dull and the landscape is every changing, what an exciting time to be here on planet LOVE.


I am a bridge between worlds, a CONDUIT to assist your Transformation. I AM here to radiate Light and to activate women and men to restore what is out of balance and restore harmony to align with nature.

It is time to honour the F*ck YES, for expressing Your ROARING Truth and live your life. Your VOICE and the sovereignty of your Sacred Yoni TEMPLE are connected. It is time to RISE in strength and nourish your FREE Will as it is your body - your choice! If you are a beautiful man reading this, You too are sovereign as is your sacred sensuality. 


The journey you chose with me may be in 'Relational Coaching, Rewiring the Mind, BREATH WORK for releasing TRAUMA, Spiritual healing of the womb, Quantum Healing or-and exploring a 3 month journey to AWAKEN your Roar Essence and Inner Power.' This is a BESPOKE Journey tailored to YOU 🌺 and walking along a woman that embodies all SHE shares and integrates every day. 

YOUR journey is a never-ending layer by layer unfolding of challenging yet playful exploration of the shadows. Have the courage to invite a sense of wonder and curiosity as a child.


Healing is not an overnight, now I am done kinda event. When you think it is done, life will SERVE you a lesson and put you on your ASS. I share what I have integrated, embodied and emerged as, it is my intention for you to awaken what is aligned to your souls design. 


Life is a playing field of vast experiences to remember who you are. Clarity takes courage and this is a path for each soul that chooses this path to awaken the inner healer, feel lighter and free.

There is MAGIK that happens sitting in the space with wise women in Sacred Circle and yes, I am often called a 'Shamanic White Witch' 


 Be GUIDED how to become the Healer & Sensual Goddess of YOU. A TIME of remembrance and celebration as YOU become the change in this World and into the New Earth! If I can be the healer of ME, then You too can be guided how to be the Healer and Guide of you!


READY to NOW connect?