Spiritual Health is Sacred Wealth and TRUE Freedom 

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“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Zoe.

I was so nervous going into the experience as I knew I had some deep seated traumas to address. But I know as soon as I was in the sessions with Zoe that I was in safe hands. I truly felt her love and pure intentions which allowed me to feel safe doing such intimate deep work. The powerful energy that comes through her was able to bring up what needed to be faced in order to be released from my body.

No two sessions are the same with Zoe, she has no formula, she truly follows the divine guidance that comes through, and it is always perfect and exactly what is needed.
Thank you so much Zoe from my heart and my womb for being a beautiful soul on my healing journey.”  – EMMA MITCHELL -, Sydney 

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Awaken Your Infinite Spirit

Relational Coaching

Love is music for the Soul. Shift from codependence to interdependence as an individual / couple


Womb&Yoni Healing

Awaken & Heal the body to hold more light – Healing Trauma to access more Joy




Ascension, Purification & Energy Healing – a path to Enlightenment and the 5th Dimensions.


the Mind

Heart and mind harmony to assist with Anxiety, Depression and restore clarity.


Rewire the Mind


Testimonials from transformed clients

Healing Experiences

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RAW: A Key To A Womans Heart & Soul

Get ready to go deeper into the chasms of your heart and soul with words that touch and tease, leaving you raw and wanting more?


Zoe shares a personal journey of fearless and shameless vulnerability, with the intention to open the door for others to courageously step through.

Available Paperback & Kindle (Amazon USA, AUS, UK)

AMAZON No #1 Bestseller on release Nov 2017

Epic Poetry & Erotic Photography - ORDER NOW  


The Journey to Healing the Inner Child. 

Zoe walks alongside the reader to acknowledge those parts of ourselves that have been lost and forgotten.Dedicated to her late father. 

AVAILABLE AMAZON in paperback & Kindle.

Kindle - 2nd Edition (Uk, USA & AUS Amazon)

Get your copy NOW 


Practising Yoga

V of vagina, V for Vulva, V for Voice and V for Victory!

A Life Raft Amongst the Chaos

Respect for this artwork IG: @luisaalexandra, that reveals the deep CONNECTION between two vulnerable aspects that have been held in shame - guilt - repression and even used for manipulation. The aspects SILENCED and BOTH are...

The MIND is the CAUSE,  The what happens (event) the EFFECT. The HEART sets the sails of SOUL, so the FREE SPIRIT leads the way.   To shift what happens You have to address the cause, which is You. The moment to moment thoughts, response, reactions that are...

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